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#6461466 - 09/20/16 11:51 PM Dove Mojo
MJ937 Offline
Light Foot

Registered: 10/19/12
Posts: 39
Loc: Fort Worth
Heading to South Texas this weekend for a dove hunt. I have never used a mojo before. Is there anything to placement or is it self-explanatory? Is there any benefit to setting up more than one in the same area?

#6461484 - 09/21/16 01:29 AM Re: Dove Mojo [Re: MJ937]
BradyBuck Online   content
THF Trophy Hunter

Registered: 10/18/07
Posts: 5578
Loc: Abilene, TX
I've used as many as four but mostly just one. I didn't notice a difference. Just put it in a visible area that's not in the shade and in range. If the birds come from a particular direction set it up perpendicular to that line for more visibility.

I was a skeptic back when they first came out but I haven't hunted without one in several years. They really work and especially on mourning dove.

Good luck!

#6461587 - 09/21/16 07:21 AM Re: Dove Mojo [Re: MJ937]
Stompy Online   content
Extreme Tracker

Registered: 06/13/10
Posts: 4631
Loc: Breckenridge Tx
If there are a lot of people in the field to keep birds moving I wouldn't even put one out. I find them most effective with 2 about 6-8' apart, and I use them when hunting pressure is low to help funnel birds to you.\

I had a field this past weekend with 20 hunters in it, there were 18 Mojo's out, they don't seem to work well when everyone has them out.

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#6461648 - 09/21/16 08:13 AM Re: Dove Mojo [Re: MJ937]
Arbor Guy Offline

Registered: 09/14/14
Posts: 136
In my experience one is better than two. They do work IF the birds haven't been shot at that day. If there is a lot of pressure on the birds they do tend to flare away from the mojo. If you notice they are flaring birds then move it to another place away from your spot well out of range and they can help direct the birds to your spot. But they DO WORK.

#6461661 - 09/21/16 08:20 AM Re: Dove Mojo [Re: MJ937]
hook_n_line Offline
Extreme Tracker

Registered: 01/20/12
Posts: 4705
I love these things specially on a field with plenty of hunters shooting. What i've noticed is that most of the time when the shooting starts the birds will come in hot to a mojo thinking its a safe place to land. I like one up about eye level and one on the ground about 4' apart, birds will land between them a lot of times. The more mojo's in a spot the better, but a pair gets them looking your way. Beware of the falcons and hawks, they can mess up a mojo wing. 2cents
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#6461663 - 09/21/16 08:21 AM Re: Dove Mojo [Re: MJ937]
Huntmaster Online   content
Pro Tracker

Registered: 05/02/05
Posts: 1381
They work, use it.

#6461673 - 09/21/16 08:25 AM Re: Dove Mojo [Re: MJ937]
Wacm Offline

Registered: 05/13/16
Posts: 895
Loc: Wimberley, Tx
It's a great tool when the birds are not flying a set path and it's hard to know where to sit. I think it helps to get them up higher. When there are a bunch of people in a field and all the mojos are on the ground they won't work but stick one in a tree and put a few decoys around it and they will start coming. I agree that one works better then multiples. I use zip ties to mount them to fence poles or trees.

#6461763 - 09/21/16 09:32 AM Re: Dove Mojo [Re: MJ937]
Grandpa Lee Offline

Registered: 08/18/16
Posts: 115
Loc: Victoria County
I put two out usually unless others in the group bring some as well. I usually set one up facing north/south and the other within 10ft facing east/west. Dove and most other birds tend to land into the wind just like an airplane so setting one up facing the prevailing wind of that day will work as well. You simply need to catch their attention with those spinning wings so having two setup in different directions will certainly assure that they are visible from any angle. The worst part is when the birds actually start to decoy the Mojo and literally try to land on them and then your buddy tries to blast them and gets the Mojo as well, ask me how I know about this haha.

#6462178 - 09/21/16 01:54 PM Re: Dove Mojo [Re: MJ937]
Boudreaux Offline

Registered: 11/17/09
Posts: 788
Loc: Bryan/College Station
I have found that getting them up higher off the ground has been more productive. I use various homemade extensions and get them up 4-8ft off the ground. Best has been to mount on top of homemade PVC dove tree 7' tall along with stationary decoys.
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#6462211 - 09/21/16 02:12 PM Re: Dove Mojo [Re: MJ937]
texaspirate Offline

Registered: 07/13/14
Posts: 125
I put one out in front of me... sometimes put two a few feet apart... about 20 yards away from my sitting point....

#6462524 - 09/21/16 05:05 PM Re: Dove Mojo [Re: MJ937]
BDB Offline

Registered: 01/30/14
Posts: 637
Loc: Mesquite
I agree with Stompy. Don't bother with them if there's lots of birds. Even in areas with an average amount of birds I still don't get them out until mid morning...if at all. Depends on my bird count. I like the fast shooting early with no joes holding me down.

#6462752 - 09/21/16 07:51 PM Re: Dove Mojo [Re: MJ937]
Pintail711 Offline

Registered: 09/18/16
Posts: 217
Loc: Longview, TX
I painted 3 vertical stripes on the white side of my wings and they'll try to land on top it as opposed to wings that are plain white

#6462865 - 09/21/16 09:07 PM Re: Dove Mojo [Re: MJ937]
billyhunt Offline
Veteran Tracker

Registered: 09/25/11
Posts: 2905
Loc: granger,tx
This year they have been staying away from the Mojos, when there are birds.

#6462948 - 09/21/16 09:51 PM Re: Dove Mojo [Re: MJ937]
Guy Offline
THF Celebrity

Registered: 12/06/05
Posts: 27343
Loc: Lake X
Originally Posted By: MJ937
Heading to South Texas this weekend for a dove hunt. I have never used a mojo before. Is there anything to placement or is it self-explanatory? Is there any benefit to setting up more than one in the same area?

Keep it simple, go with one. If you want to up your game, go with 2, point 1 north/south, the other east/west, then you got all directions covered.

How effective is mojo? Honestly you do not know till you try it. Mojo work or they don't, you just do not know till you put them out.

#6462957 - 09/21/16 09:54 PM Re: Dove Mojo [Re: Guy]
Guy Offline
THF Celebrity

Registered: 12/06/05
Posts: 27343
Loc: Lake X
I put mojo out, birds come to it I kill them. Birds flare from mojo I move away from mojo and kill flared birds.

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