The land was purchased May 2012 and turned into a deer breeding and hunting facility because of my passion for the whitetail deer.  Immediately we started high fencing and the perimeter was completed in February 2013.  The first group of six whitetails yearlings were released in April 2013. These deer have all been raised in their natural habitat. They are not bottle fed they are as wild inside the fence as they are on the outside of the fence.  View recent photos to guarantee the class of genetics being produced on this farm.  Our goal on this farm is to produce nothing but quality trophy animals.  Scoring 180" or better as 3 year olds.  Our breeding stock consists of all 300" genetics.  We are progressively upgrading to the finest facilities for both stock and hunters.  Our team includes some of the best hard working, good quality, country raised men who have been in the construction buisness for years.  We are all avid sportsmen.
If you have any questions about the farm we are more than happy to take the time out to discuss hunting packages/options. Give us a call today! Time and space is limited!!!!!

Contacts : Jason - 214.786.7916
Alan - 469.980.6393

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