I no longer have a 264 rifle and would like to sell the following new, orphan bullets

Sierra 140g Spitzer Boattail Game King 200 pcs $45
Hornady 140g Spire Pt. #2630 186 pcs $35
Nosler 140g Partition (old and slightly tarnished) 38 pcs $25
Nosler 100g Ballistic Tip 88 pcs $25
Speer 140g Spitzer BT #1441 55 pcs $10
Sierra 120g spitzer 9 pcs $1

Shipping is actual cost for USPS flat rate priority box
If you buy all of them I'll pay shipping. Bullets are posted locally.
Best way to contact me is via email, randy@martinigallery.com
Bullets are located in Decatur area. Would trade for reloading components, ammunition or optics

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