I wanted to thank all who invited me to go dove hunting with them and help me out since I couldn't get around. Many, many thanks! Unfortunately, I had a set back with a severe pain in my abdomen and stomach which would double me over. Went to ER, did a CT scan and found a rather larger abcess (sp) on my transplanted pancreas and over my appendix. They put a drain in me hoping they would not have to go in and remove it, which went well, Thank God. It turned out to be 2 pockets of fluid which when I ate would cause extreme pain and distended stomach, not fun at all. Well, I just got out this past week and doing fine now and will have to go back in a month for a check up to see how its doing.

Sure wish I could have taken yall up on the invitations to dove hunt, but with this things just didn't work out. On the plus side, I have lost 90 lbs since the first of February and now at 290 which really makes me feel great. Thank everyone for the prayers and thoughts, that means more to me than anything. Hopefully, one day I might be able to return the favor.