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#6437068 - 09/03/16 02:05 PM Help. Redneck protein feeder I made. Need advice
Roll-Tide Offline
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Registered: 06/11/15
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My place is East Texas, no one around feeds protein. Don't even know if it will work or deer will eat it.

Got me some 4 inch PVC pieces to drop some protein in. I realize its late, just gonna try something new.

I was told to mix protein with corn at first, gonna strap the pipe to a tree and watch with a camera.

How high off ground to keep Hogs away?

Any advice, I know the is a Hail Mary.

#6437211 - 09/03/16 04:31 PM Re: Help. Redneck protein feeder I made. Need advice [Re: Roll-Tide]
artrios60 Offline
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Feeder opening around 37-40" off ground. Good luck

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#6437272 - 09/03/16 05:13 PM Re: Help. Redneck protein feeder I made. Need advice [Re: artrios60]
SnakeWrangler Online   content
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Originally Posted By: artrios60
Feeder opening around 37-40" off ground. Good luck

Should work....
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#6437291 - 09/03/16 05:29 PM Re: Help. Redneck protein feeder I made. Need advice [Re: Roll-Tide]
colt45 Offline
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I tried protein & alfalfa, deer never touched it, couldn't keep up with the corn they were eating
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#6437618 - 09/03/16 10:58 PM Re: Help. Redneck protein feeder I made. Need advice [Re: Roll-Tide]
Pitchfork Predator Offline
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If you have hogs and they find it you can't put it high enough for the deer to still be able to eat it and keep the hogs from destroying it. You would be better off doing a pig pipe on the ground chained to a tree and drill holes in it.
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#6437749 - 09/04/16 08:33 AM Re: Help. Redneck protein feeder I made. Need advice [Re: Roll-Tide]
EddieWalker Offline
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Registered: 08/06/14
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Loc: Tyler, TX
Not sure what part of East Texas you are in, and from what I've heard, the deer are different in each area of East TX. In my area of Smith County, North of Tyler, they didn't care for anything I've tried. They don't even go after the corn for very long. Just in the summer and into the Fall, but stop eating it once the weather cools off.

I first tried using six inch PVC to make a feeder to try other stuff then corn, but they never ate any of it. I had it about two feet off the ground to keep hogs out, but the hogs didn't seem to care for it either. What fell onto the ground, just rotted there. My biggest issue was keeping it dry. Every attempt at building a quick and easy roof over it onto a tree failed. The feed just got wet, clumped up, then white fuzz grew on it in a couple of days after a rain. too much humidity. I tried another out of wood with a metal roof that was a lot bigger, but never found anything that the deer would eat. I put it right in the middle of my food plot, and where my game camera would catch pictures of it. The deer walked past it, but I never got a picture of them showing any interest in it.

Once the acorns drop, that's all the deer care about. They will pause in my food plot, but rarely stick around for very long. I've tried every mix that I can find at the stores, plus rye grain, winter wheat, winter peas, radishes and clover.

I might spray round up on the plot today or tomorrow and disk it next week. I don't know what I'm going to plant yet. Probably another mix of some kind and hope for the best.

#6442322 - 09/07/16 02:29 PM Re: Help. Redneck protein feeder I made. Need advice [Re: EddieWalker]
Scoop Offline

Registered: 01/13/09
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Loc: North of San Antonio
Protein is key on our west TX place, but we have to take what steps we can to make it work, otherwise we'd just be burning money. We don't waste time with protein if it's not inside a feeder pen to keep out both hogs and exotic sheep. Those Corsicans would empty a barrel in a few days. Also, coons and porcupine will hang on em and drain them fast. We constantly trap for coons, and put pvc sleeves on the feeder legs to deter varmints. In your case, I'd think coons and such would be an issue, with nothing to stop them from climbing the tree and shoveling the protein out onto the ground. Edited to add - maybe some 18" metal flashing nailed around tree would make them un-climbable???

If you want them to get used to coming to it, you can't let it go dry for extended periods. Our barrels (6 bags) don't last a month depending on conditions. I am not sure how much a PVC set-up would hold, but if it got hit hard, you'd have to be there pretty regular to fill it. And I would try to keep it from catching rain. Our feed spouts are designed to angle in a bit to keep rain out, and also hangs under a barrel, so rain is not a big issue.

I put corn in mine at first, but was probably not necessary. When they found it, they hit it hard. But that is not east TX.

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#6442342 - 09/07/16 02:42 PM Re: Help. Redneck protein feeder I made. Need advice [Re: Roll-Tide]
rex47 Offline
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Loc: euless, tx
i have found dear in e. Okla. will not eat corn, but they love rice bran.
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#6442366 - 09/07/16 03:00 PM Re: Help. Redneck protein feeder I made. Need advice [Re: Roll-Tide]
TxAg Offline
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I got several customers in E. TX who were the first in their areas to feed protein. Took their deer a couple months to find it, and learn the feeders, but now they eat it like gangbusters. Got one who's deer go through 400lb a week between two feeders. He's also got bucks coming in he's never seen before, thinks they are traveling a ways to get to it.

Mixing corn with it and sprinkling a little corn around it at first will help them find it and get going.

As said above, 37" to 40" off the ground for the opening is about right.
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#6442708 - 09/07/16 06:07 PM Re: Help. Redneck protein feeder I made. Need advice [Re: Roll-Tide]
Slow Drifter Online   content

Registered: 04/09/09
Posts: 4537
Loc: Central Texas
Mount a threaded fitting and a cleanout cap to the top of the feeder. Drill a hole and add an eye bolt. Hang from a tree by wire clothesline. The pigs can push it around but can't clean it out. I hang mine high so the deer have to raise their heads a bit to eat. That also keeps pigs off them. Good luck!
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