I'm looking for a place to hunt this season for dove, deer and a turkey if one happens to pop through my sites. Due to my work I have limited and sporadic days through out the season that I will be able to get out into the field. To give you an idea, last year I was only able to hunt a total of 5 days during dove season and 7 days during deer season. I'd like to find something no more than an hour away from Georgetown, Tx and West of I-35. I would not need any housing facilities since I would only be popping in for the day when time allows. If time allows for multiple days in a row, I'd be going home in the evenings (hence the 1 hr max distance from Georgetown). I have a popup blind that I typically pack in and out. I'm very ethical hunter, not a "trophy" hunter, so does and culls are fine with me. Just looking to bag some dove and 2-3 deer to fill my freezer for the year. I'd prefer a seasonal or annual lease simply because I never know dates of when I'll be able to get out there and prior planning is impossible. If anyone know of something that would accommodate my needs, please let me know. Thanks in advance.