Anyone own one of these? I'm trying to figure out if anyone knows what kind of springs I could use on the trigger assembly. I need the spring for the plastic trigger (15) and the split trigger (14) shown here:

TL;DR - Any gunsmiths here willing to look at it and install some springs, or do any of you have a picture of the trigger springs?

They told me I could send the lower portion of the kit to them and they would install them for free, but couldn't give me information on the springs due to their insurance.. but honestly I think with the cost of shipping and the two+ weeks I'd rather see if any of you have the kit and could give me a picture of the springs or pay a gunsmith and not wait 2 more weeks. I know I've seen where people have replaced the spring (15) for a lighter one. The way the kit works is the trigger just needs help going all the way forward again - since the stock trigger does push the other trigger forward again. It honestly cycles fine without the spring, I would never shoot it without it installed - I just think almost any springs could work as long as they fit.

If I took it to a gunsmith would they be willing to toss a couple springs in there that seem to fit, or would they not want to risk any liability? I'm not looking for a light trigger I'll throw a safe spring in there.

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