Howdy THF-

Time to get those feeders going! I build several types of corn and protein feeders, and also carry some from All Seasons and others. I'm also now carrying Boss Game Systems fiberglass blinds. Mention you are a THF member for THF special pricing as well.

Call or text 28one-six98-0956

300lb 12V Spin Feeder-$325

Standard features include:
-Comes standard with industry-best "The Timer" 12V control unit with timer and galvanized body which is riveted to drum; no loose hardware from vibration!
-Welded-in galvanized metal funnel
-Varmint-proof lined steel drum
-Welded-on square tubing leg brackets
-Strong galvanized EMT conduit legs with set bolts for rock-solid foundation. Standard length of 80." Different lengths available by request.
-Legs include welded-on no-sink 3"x4" feeder feet with 1/2" hole for stake
**Shown with optional galvanized EZ lid. Some pictures also show optional upgrades, add-ons.

Can add box-mounted solar panel with no exposed wires and/or an "Eliminator" spin plate for additional cost.

400lb Protein Feeders-$310

This feeder features a custom deep funnel for increased true 400lb protein capacity and a three-way tube-style feed head to promote multiple bucks feeding at the same time.

Standard features include:
-Deep funnel for true ~400 lb protein capacity, sealed inside and out
-Polymer three-way drop tube feed head that will never rust, and includes an internal baffle to adjust feed flow.
-Heavy galvanized EMT conduit legs (long term rust prevention) sleeve over square tubing leg brackets, complete with welded set bolts for a rock solid setup
-Heavy duty belly band distributes the load to the entire drum for reliability
-Legs include no-sink feeder 3" x 4" platform feet complete with ˝" hole for anchoring stake
-Drum is new and lined, and drum lid is multi-coated for rust resistance
*Show with optional galvanized slip-on EZ drum lid (+$25)

Custom Feeders and Fiberglass Blinds