I now have 500 rounds down the barrel of this little rifle, it has led to the death's of over 200 turtles, 130 to 140 Jack Rabbits, 6 Coyotes and several Crow's. I won't go so far as to say this is my favorite rifle but it sure spends allot of time in the truck. Haven't lost a Yote but I have had to shoot 3 of them again but that was me stretching the range out farther than it should be. Inside 200 yards this little rifle is a tack-driver once I got used to the trigger. Haven't shot a fox with it but I suspect it might be a little much if you saving hides, it tears Jack Rabbit's all to hell! I've had some ammo problems but no problem what so ever from the rifle of it's magazine. I bought a case of Winchester 20 grains and have had a few failures to fire but after rotating them they fired. Never been a fan of Savage Rifles but I have to say this one has exceeded my expectations.
Yes a Weatherby does kill them deader.