Previously listed then taken down as i planned to keep it but wound up making another trade so im relisting this once more, Looking to sell or trade my Colt Government Model .45 ACP 5" blue finish. I bought it at Cabelas a couple of months. Its had just short of 200 rounds through it without any issues. Its a Series 80 and has Rosewood Double Diamond Grips, High Profile 1-Dot front sight and High Profile 2-Dot rear sight, Flat Mainspring Housing, Blue steel and comes with 2 Colt 7 round mags, the case papers etc. The gun is in like new condition. Also hve 230 rounds brass ball ammo and 1 box self defense ammo.

Asking $750.00 for the gun, $825 for the gun and ammo.

Would trade for Glock 43 or 26 plus cash. would also trade for an AK. will entertain other offers but not looking for shotguns, revolvers or bolt action rifles. Better pics can be sent if needed.

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