Leasing the hog hunting rights ,outside of deer season
Help control hog numbers ,that will help your deer hunters also ,
My name is Lance Vick,since 1994 I have made my living as a touring bass pro and bass guide on lake fork during the winter I guide duck hunts.In 2012 I left the pro bass tour business,at that time
A golden opportunity was presented to myself and family in form of a beautiful property that I could guide
People from around the country nighttime hog hunting.
Just like bass fishing I took to hog hunting like a duck on a June bug ,As the sport of hog hunting is growing
And my contacts as a guide in three seasons business as grown where my son and I working Saturday nights quite regular,I really enjoy working with my son and sharing the exciting sport of nighttime hog hunting.
But as the world turns the property I was working on sold and is no longer available,
As I have made many preparations to do this work and have built a system and client list
I am not willing to give up this dream,
So I am looking for a new property ,I realize this is a long shot but I'm taking it
I have the upmost repect for the land,land owners and other hunters,I am a NRA certified firearms Instructer
And a License to Carry Instructer for the state of Texas
Land would need to be large enough and have enough pigs I could consistently put customers on pigs
Would like to have year around access but understand most properties have deer hunters already and if
It would work out in this case would like to lease it In between deer season
Property needs to be within a hour or so from mineola Texas
Best contact is by phone 903-312-0609 or pm or lance@lakeforkbass.com
Thank you for your consideration
Lance Vick

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903-312-0609 Lance Vick
Fun begins where the road ends,,,
Year around guided hog hunts