Due to circumstances I am looking to see if anyone has an opening this weekend for a father / daughter combo.

We are going to our lease today to fill corn and get game camera pictures. The plan was to drive about 3 hours and do a management hunt Saturday/Sunday but that won't happen so now we are packed with nowhere to hunt.

My lease is in Talpa so I can get anywhere by about noon-1pm on Saturday. Would like to hunt Saturday evening and maybe Sunday.

Looking for either a Managment animal for me and depending on price maybe a bonus doe/cull/management animal for her.

Budget is flexible but we are looking to spend time together in the blind more than trophy so please keep that in mind.

We are on the fence about Rams as would prefer something more for meat, but getting something on the wall to always have the memory would be nice.

Please PM or let me know if you have anything.
Semper Fi