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#6353575 - 06/30/16 04:04 PM Conceal Carry Holsters
Gumbeaux Offline
Veteran Tracker

Registered: 09/11/09
Posts: 3048
Loc: Georgetown
I was going through my holster drawer and decided that maybe someone would get some benefit from my experience. Sure a bunch of you guys have a bunch of holsters and we can probably all learn from each other's experiences. And there seem to always be holster posts, so this might help. I'd be interested to see what you guys have tried and liked...and didn't like.

This is the QCC Concealed holster from JM4 Tactical. It's in IWB with a VERY strong magnet. I bought it mainly to wear with gym shorts, or something that might not have a belt. Pros is it's pretty comfortable and very easy to get on/off. Cons are that it sits a little low in the waist band, and it's pretty pricey for what it is. The quality is good though. Pics are with my Glock 43. Last one is with the holster stuck to the gun safe. The magnet is STRONG.

Next up is a DM Bullard combat holster. Glock 43 again. I love this guy's stuff. Very high quality. It's OWB. Pros are it's very quality and very comfortable. Cons are that it's not as concealable as some, but it does ride high.

This is the Remora holster. Actually does what is says. Stays in place pretty well w/o a clip. Pros are it's pretty comfortable, very concealable, very easy on and off, and cheap. Cons are it scares the hell out of you when you wear it. You just don't feel like it's going to stay where you put it. Good in a pinch, but not for everyday use.

This is the StealthGear holster. It the design of the Crossbreed and the Comp-Tac. I've owned both of those in the past and this one is more comfortable than those two, but I still struggle with IWB. I just can't find the right place where it's comfortable to stand and sit. It's one or the other...or neither. Pros are it's breathable, much cooler than the leather versions. Cons are the price and comfort, but it's still better than the other 2 clip IWBs I've tried.

For the PM40, I tried a DM Bullard Dual Carry...the El Camino of holsters. You can move the clips to make it IWB or OWB. Pros are great DM Bullard Quality, reinforced opening, and it makes for a great OWB holster that you can put on w/o removing your belt. Cons are it's not simple to move back and forth from OWB to IWB. Not hard, but requires a screwdriver, so not something you're going to do on the fly. And it sits a little low when used OWB.

When I have to be 100% concealed, I pocket carry an LCP. I don't like the caliber but a small gun on you is better than a big gun at home and 4 days out of 7, I absolutely cannot be made carrying. I tried the cheap pocket holsters but my new favorite is the Recluse. Pros are no printing whatsoever and a fully protected trigger when in the holster. It's also very well made. Good quality. Cons are it's a tad slower to remove from the pocket and it's pricey for a pocket holster.

#6357003 - 07/03/16 04:59 PM Re: Conceal Carry Holsters [Re: Gumbeaux]
sweetwood Online   content
Pro Tracker

Registered: 03/05/08
Posts: 1271
Loc: Flower Mound
I'll post some pics of mine later on. I'm curious to know if the magnet on the first holster poses a concern with wiping credit cards, phones, or SD cards.

I'm a lefty so my options are always limited with holsters.

#6357303 - 07/03/16 09:49 PM Re: Conceal Carry Holsters [Re: Gumbeaux]
Gumbeaux Offline
Veteran Tracker

Registered: 09/11/09
Posts: 3048
Loc: Georgetown
No magnet damage so far. Their website says no issues with credit cards but I'm guessing if you set your wallet on top of the holster they're toast.

I'm really liking that holster except it sits just a little too low below the belt line. I'd like to be able to grab more on the draw and would like it to not poke so much when I am wearing it appendix and sit down. The design needs some tweaks but I am really liking the concept.

#6357604 - 07/04/16 10:14 AM Re: Conceal Carry Holsters [Re: Gumbeaux]
BillS2008 Offline

Registered: 01/24/08
Posts: 74
Loc: Gonzales, Texas
Alien Gear for most times, Sneaky Pete for the Kel Tec.

#6358076 - 07/04/16 06:21 PM Re: Conceal Carry Holsters [Re: Gumbeaux]
Pitman Offline

Registered: 12/02/08
Posts: 158
Loc: Cumby, Tx
Good informative list. I can only speak to the Remora. I have worn it daily for 5 years now with a kahr pm45. I like it so much i never felt the need for a different holster. I do a lot of maintenance work, and it stays put. Never had it slip out or down. Shorts, pants, doesn't matter. I will admit i still reach back and check it a couple times a day because sometimes i just don't feel it there.

#6358150 - 07/04/16 07:42 PM Re: Conceal Carry Holsters [Re: Gumbeaux]
jeffbird Online   content

Registered: 03/09/09
Posts: 3028
Milt Sparks VM2 - My favorite IWB of all I have tried. I use it for a 1911 every day. Negatives are that it requires some blocking to fit the pistol and it causes wear on the finish. Also, when sweating heavily, it causes condensation on the pistol, even with horsehide. But overall, it is so comfortable and easy to draw from it remains my favorite. Buy the plastic clips, which go over the waistband, but under the belt to tuck a shirt in.

Milts Sparks BN 55 (Bruce Nelson) - lots of people like this OWB, but it puts the grip into my rib cage. I never use it because it rides so high.

Crossbreed Super Tuck - really comfortable and does a nice job, but it is a bit on the bulky side and covers lots of skin area above the waistline, which makes it hot. Does not cause wear on the finish, which is nice. Slower and harder to acquire a correct grip on than the Sparks VM2. On the plus side, it protects the pistol better from heavy sweat.

Wilson Combat leather lined Kydex with tension adjustment. Great OWB the design, protects the pistol, sits a bit lower than the Bruce Nelson, easy to adjust retention, and it has a soft leather lining. Very nice OWB holster.

Yaqui belt slide/holster design for a 1911. Several makers offer this design. Great design for OWB, very easy to draw, and easy to carry. Downside is no retention, does not protect the muzzle, and for concealment requires a long shirt or jacket worn over it.

For the pocket pistols, the DeSantis Nemesis is a good design, but the rubber finish can be hot outdoors or when walking a lot. But it really conceals well, is easy to draw, and conceals well.

Galco rough finished leather pocket holsters are the most comfortable for pocket carry I have tried. The leather breathes better than the Nemesis.

Wearing a stiff belt, loose fitting shirt, and loose pants really helps with concealment. Always buy horsehide when it is an option. It is more durable in the long run.

I've not tried all of the ones listed above, so this is just my feedback on these that I have given enough real time carrying to have informed feedback.

Really like the look of that JM4 above.

#6358848 - 07/05/16 01:00 PM Re: Conceal Carry Holsters [Re: Gumbeaux]
hawk Online   content
Pro Tracker

Registered: 07/19/07
Posts: 1067
Loc: San Angelo, TX
D.M. Bullard for owb carry. Been using one for several years to carry my colt 1911.

Edited by hawk (07/05/16 01:00 PM)

#6360363 - 07/06/16 06:00 PM Re: Conceal Carry Holsters [Re: Gumbeaux]
sweetwood Online   content
Pro Tracker

Registered: 03/05/08
Posts: 1271
Loc: Flower Mound
It's ugly but I feel that it works. I found an old wallet, gorilla glued the credit card holder to reinforce the area covering the trigger. Cut, rivet, and glue. Drops right in my pocket.


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