The Bond Arms Rustic Ranger is a special edition handgun built exclusively for Cabela’s stores. It is similar in specifications to the bond Arms Ranger II with a couple main distinctions: the extended rosewood two-tone star grips and the leather premium driving holster in natural finish.

For years the Ranger II has been an icon in the Bond Arms line and the Rustic Ranger improves on that with a classic wood and leather look.

This is one of the finest examples of a quality firearm that is made in the USA, actually in Texas.

If you hold one, you will want to own one!

This one comes with both a 45/410 4.25" barrel ,making is a highly effective self defense or snake gun

I fired it a very few times but decided to keep my Kimber 380 as my small pocket pistol.

Priced to sell at $550 cash in Austin, Texas DL or License to Carry plus Bill of Sale.

Will add a second 3" barrel in 9mm for $50 more

Might trade for AR or O/U 20/410

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