Our group is seeking property for a once or twice a year shooting outing for our Texas Shootapalooza Club.


This is an open club where family and friends can get together to have fun and enjoy each others comapany while enjoying one our favorite sports.
As our group grows, we feel that local gun ranges won't be able to handle or group (capacity), along with their usual business.
We are looking for anything above the 20 to 30 and beyond in acreage. We would more than willing to offer some monetary compensation and would leave the area as we found it, clean and tidy.

Our preferred season would be Spring and/or early Fall. That way we're not disturbing the hunting season, of which I will be busy doing myself.

If this grows like I hope it will, we'll also be looking to host events and small contests during these events to raise funds for benefits and fundraisers for Soup Kitchens, Food Banks, Veterans in need and so on.

If you're a landowner and this would be something you would consider for some down home Texans looking to sharpen their skills, enjoy each other comradery and raise money for good deeds and causes, please give me a call.

James Tyson 817-723-3477 jrtyson72@gmail.com