I don't really want to sell this one, but with the recent events I want more uh rifles that will piss off Democrats so something has to go..This is a BEAUTIFUL Colt 1911 Combat Commander .45 from 1975. It has the steel frame (not a lightweight here). Some call these a series 70 but technically that term applies to the full size Government Model and the Commanders are pre-80 series. Anyways, this one is pretty much stone cold mint. It has the original smooth grips and all original parts (including mag). The safety has turned a plum color which happens on some of the old Colts. There is some holster wear on the left front of the slide by the muzzle indicating that someone somewhere used her for what she was intended for - but took very nice care of her. They don't make them like this anymore. Price is $1000. I'm open to a partial trade - maybe a nice Glock 19 and cash.

The Colt Commander is SPF to Greg. Thanks, Earl

I need to do a FTF in the North Dallas area (I'm in Plano). First to say they take it, gets it. I do have it cross listed. I can be reached via PM or email - elbattey@verizon.net


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