I have here the following parts for an HK91/G3/SAR3 or SAR8:

1) Black wide handguard. This came off of my Springfield Armory SAR 8. It works great, has an internal heat shield. As seen in the pic though it does not have the front shelf in the bipod channel so it will not work with a bipod. Price is $60 shipped.

The handguard is SPF. Thanks, Earl

2) Bayonet Adapter with screw. Price is $25 shipped.

3) Paddle Mag release with bushing. Price is $25 shipped.

Will take $100 for it all shipped. Will also sell locally (I'm in Plano). First to say they take it, gets it. I do have it cross listed. I can be reached via PM or email me at elbattey@verizon.net


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