Howdy y'all, I am currently looking for a lease for 7 management minded hunters. We have just lost our lease out of Hico and are trying to find one between Hico and College Station area. Would be a total of 7 hunters, one 18, the rest in their 50-60s. Have hunted together for two years now and would like to find a place together. We have our own blinds and feeders, walk in game cooler, bbq pits, etc. Would like to find a place with a house/cabin available for our use. Please contact Erin Smith at 817.487.3558 or email at

Thank you in advance. If anyone has any leads on leases in that range, they would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and Gig 'Em,
Erin Smith, Texas A&M '20
Thanks & Gig 'Em
Texas A&M '20
B.S. Political Science/Pre-Law