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#6305097 - 05/20/16 09:18 AM Dog Advice
J.R. Online   content
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Registered: 09/26/07
Posts: 1496
Loc: Frisco, Tx.
Not "Gun" dog related, but "OT" can be a mixed bag, so I thought I'd try here first.

I need to keep an 80 lb. Aussie/Heinz 57 mix away from a 50-foot side of our residential fence in the back yard. Apparently, he's made it his life mission to murder the cute, little 8 lb. puppy next door that wants to run up & down the fence & bark & play...not sure why, but he's taking this one personally and itís turned into genuine aggression towards this dog. In a matter of days, he destroyed 16 separate 6' residential fence pickets one-at-a time, so I lined that entire side with 2" heavy goat fence. While we were at dinner last night, he chewed two separate 2-foot holes in the goat wire & matching 2' holes in the fence, so heís figured out he needs a bigger entrance in order to get through. I figure the neighbors probably saved their dog's life by letting him inside.

In 40 years of dog ownership on & off the ranch, Iíve had red & blue heelers, great danes, shepherds, retrievers, Aussies, and border collies. I've never owned a dog that I could not get to behave, and Iíve never seen this kind of aggression out of one of my dogs. Without going into any detail, Iíve tried everything I know of to get him to leave that fence alone, finally resorting to an expensive shock collar set on 100% that blows all 4 feet out from under him when I catch him bothering that fence and hit the button.

The only change that made is that he now waits until he knows no one is home to do it. We get home & heís out of breath, muddy from running the rut heís worn along the fence, and bleeding from the mouth from chewing out sections of heavy goat wire & fence pickets. So, whatís next? Iím tired of throwing $$ at the problem, but I canít be here 24/7, and somethingís gotta give. I need to stop this before he DOES get through & kill that puppy.

Thanks for any thoughts.

"First come smiles, then lies. Last is gunfire."

Roland Deschain of Gilead

#6305116 - 05/20/16 09:34 AM Re: Dog Advice [Re: J.R.]
THF Celebrity

Registered: 11/16/07
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make him think you are gone, hide and get him with the collar when he does it, or run an electric fence.
Originally Posted By: bill oxner
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#6305191 - 05/20/16 10:10 AM Re: Dog Advice [Re: J.R.]
MS1454 Offline
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Id put him in a kennel, or as said above run an electric fence.

You are worried about your dog killing the puppy but I would also be worried about your neighbor killing your dog if it gets through.
Originally Posted By: Fooshman
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#6305211 - 05/20/16 10:24 AM Re: Dog Advice [Re: J.R.]
bill oxner Online   content
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Registered: 11/03/09
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Loc: Katy-Fulshear
E-collar on high.
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#6305237 - 05/20/16 10:35 AM Re: Dog Advice [Re: CCBIRDDOGMAN]
Baylor_Bears Offline
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Registered: 04/21/12
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Loc: Austin
Originally Posted By: CCBIRDDOGMAN
make him think you are gone, hide and get him with the collar when he does it, or run an electric fence.

Kinda my thought, run a strand or two of hot wire and let that "bite" him a time or two

#6305240 - 05/20/16 10:36 AM Re: Dog Advice [Re: J.R.]
TX_Diver Offline
Bird Dog

Registered: 07/15/14
Posts: 299
When you say goat fence do you mean field fencing?

I'd recommend some utility panels. 5'x16'. 3 of them should take care of you although you'd need another small piece to get you fully covered.

I had a border collie that would escape a chain link kennel. Lined the outside with this and she could no longer chew/claw her way through. 4"x4" squares should be too small for your dog to get through.

Might also recommend some plywood on the other side to keep the dog from visually seeing the other dog? (not sure what type of fence you have now).

6 gage is a little less than 1/4" I think. I'm not saying it's impossible but I have a hard time seeing a dog chewing through it or tearing it apart...

Edited by TX_Diver (05/20/16 10:37 AM)

#6305298 - 05/20/16 11:09 AM Re: Dog Advice [Re: J.R.]
NorthTXbirdhunter Online   content

Registered: 03/17/11
Posts: 924
Loc: Rowlett, Texas
What about one of those invisible fence deals where he wears the receiver on his collar and it shocks him as he approaches the fence? You could set it back from the fence about a foot and it would give him a jolt every time he comes near the fence. You would not even have to be there to see it happen. I would put it around the entire backyard though.

#6305299 - 05/20/16 11:09 AM Re: Dog Advice [Re: J.R.]
First_Chance Offline
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Registered: 05/10/05
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Loc: dfw
Do you have kids? if not run a hot wire along the bottom of the fence about a foot high and a foot away from the fence that smokes him everything he tries to touch the fence. This will stop him from chewing the fence, but it probably wont not stop him from running up and down and barking... but hey, he'll be a well exercised dog!

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#6305304 - 05/20/16 11:11 AM Re: Dog Advice [Re: TX_Diver]
J.R. Online   content
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Registered: 09/26/07
Posts: 1496
Loc: Frisco, Tx.
I nailed up heavy, 2" square goat wire...fence I was POSITIVE no dog could rip through because I didn't want to do it twice. I don't even want to know what it took to rip holes in it, but it bloodied his gums & face in the process.

I found elec pet fencing at TSC for about $150. Probably gonna buy some extra wire & run 3 strands. In the meantime I'm gonna put the shock collar on him and do the "we're leaving" routine & catch him thinking I'm not home.

"First come smiles, then lies. Last is gunfire."

Roland Deschain of Gilead

#6305491 - 05/20/16 02:09 PM Re: Dog Advice [Re: J.R.]
maximumintensityretriever Offline

Registered: 04/16/13
Posts: 514
Loc: Longview, Texas
Kennel him when you're gone. It's the safest thing for him.
Tony Marshall
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#6305693 - 05/20/16 05:07 PM Re: Dog Advice [Re: J.R.]
Sweese Online   content

Registered: 07/03/15
Posts: 244
Loc: North Texas
I recommend you kennel him in a smaller run while you are away. Then, if you want to train him not to tear up the fence, do that while you are there and can correct him with a collar or other methods. While you are there throw lots and lots of tennis balls. Aussie's are active dogs.

I do NOT suggest some super hot collar setting that will cause the dog to verbalize. Collars should be set to uncomfortable(shaking head but no verbalization) and then gradually increased as the situation warrants. Always use "no" with the collar correction. Of course, let you OK be Yes and your NO be NO.

These neighbor situations are tough and you are right. You do not want your dog injuring the other dog.

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#6305732 - 05/20/16 05:52 PM Re: Dog Advice [Re: Sweese]
bobcat1 Online   content
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Registered: 07/22/07
Posts: 2174
Loc: Sanger, Texas
Chain him or kennel him and let him out only when you can watch him. As sweese said shock him and give the correction No. If you are consistant he should get over it soon enough.
Bobby Barnett


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