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#6302385 - 05/18/16 08:02 AM There was a time. . .ww
mikei Online   content
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Registered: 11/16/14
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I saw this on another forum, and thought it was worth sharing:

There was a time when red ants were a dove hunter’s biggest concern, and you had to wait until noon to start hunting the dove… when most landowners would let you hunt their land just for asking… when deer weren’t the main game to hunt, because there weren’t many, but squirrels and rabbits were plentiful… when a single-shot .22 or .410 shotgun were prized possessions of a young hunter… when carbide headlights were the coon hunter’s light, and you could only see the eyes, and not the whole coon… when a Calcutta pole and a length of line was all you had to fish with… when a trotline was set by swimming it across the river without a boat… when the fishing trips you remembered most were remembered for nights spent on a riverbank with your dad, fighting bugs and listening to the night sounds, not for the huge fish you caught… when your first prized new reel was not a Diawa Whatever, but a Zebco 303… when a package of BB’s for your BB gun could be bought for a nickel, and came in a cellophane package… when .22 shorts were as plentiful on the shelf as .22 Longs and Long Rifles… when you read whatever outdoor magazine you had been passed down by a kerosene lamp… when a 15 hp motor was considered plenty on a boat… when camping was done with a pallet on the ground or, if lucky, in an 8X8 tent… when a pop-up trailer was considered a supreme luxury… when you put a dime in a pay phone to call home to tell them how you were doing… when your camping vehicle was also the family car… when you could camp anywhere you wanted in a national park… when people saw a hunter with a gun and didn’t panic. If you remember most or any of this, you are probably of my generation, a generation you will never see again. Whether it was better or worse than today’s is a matter of perspective. There was a time……

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#6302392 - 05/18/16 08:08 AM Re: There was a time. . .ww [Re: mikei]
Western Offline
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Loc: Wise County Texas
I am not that old and remember almost every bit of that, even remember 35 cent gas blush
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#6302399 - 05/18/16 08:14 AM Re: There was a time. . .ww [Re: mikei]
PMK Offline
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Loc: Central TX (Gtown/Austin)
I can relate to all of this ... up ... much simpler times!

I think I could add a few to the list ...
"everyone that lives dies but not everyone who dies lived..."


#6302416 - 05/18/16 08:28 AM Re: There was a time. . .ww [Re: mikei]
FiremanJG Online   content
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Loc: Wolfe City, TX
I'm under 40, but I have experienced most of that.

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#6302559 - 05/18/16 10:23 AM Re: There was a time. . .ww [Re: mikei]
glb1955 Offline
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Registered: 07/21/11
Posts: 390
Loc: Brazos County Texas
My Dad scared the heck out me talking about a 'gas war'. 15 cents a gallon. 5.00 more that filled up my 65 Ford Falcon. Good times.

#6302591 - 05/18/16 10:47 AM Re: There was a time. . .ww [Re: mikei]
Dennis in Ft Worth Offline
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Registered: 06/07/06
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Yessir, all that, plus gun racks in pickup trucks and camo was a red/black wool shirt...
It's a RUGER, for cryin' out loud; "What's the round count?" or "How many rounds down the tube?" are irrelevant!

#6302606 - 05/18/16 10:58 AM Re: There was a time. . .ww [Re: mikei]
gary roberson Offline
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Registered: 09/18/08
Posts: 1507
I remember all of those things as I experienced them first hand. It was a time when hunting was hunting, not shopping. It was a simpler time and am so sorry that my Grand kids, if I ever have any, will not have the opportunity to experience it. Hunting in this fashion is what taught me skills that most folks will never learn. There is no doubt that being raised in this fashion is the reason that I don't want a guide. I want to be turned loose in the middle of a huge ranch or forest and be allowed to "make it or break it" on my own.
While I want to hunt on my own, I must admit that my days of living on the ground or in a dry camp for a week are gone. I like to stay in a warm room with running water.

#6302657 - 05/18/16 11:42 AM Re: There was a time. . .ww [Re: mikei]
poisonivie Offline

Registered: 03/10/09
Posts: 7825
Loc: Bridgeport, Tx
When I was a kid, I remember a family member(who escapes me) gave me a whole shoe box full of those cellophane BB packs. I thought I was rich. I can remember 8-10 cent gas in Wichita Falls in 1972(+/-). I remember buying cigs for 3o cents a pack and complaining about the price. Cigarette vending machines. The local gunsmith would open a box of rifle or shotgun shells and sell you individual rounds. I remember buying 5 .222 shells for my Dad's rifle or a couple of #4 lead High Brass for goose hunting. Great times I will never see again, nor will my grandkids. We'll have to make other times for them to remember.
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#6302666 - 05/18/16 11:47 AM Re: There was a time. . .ww [Re: mikei]
Wilhunt Offline
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Registered: 07/26/13
Posts: 3585
Loc: New Braunfels, San Saba county
I remember as well, a simpler time.

#6302682 - 05/18/16 11:56 AM Re: There was a time. . .ww [Re: mikei]
rbw1 Offline
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Registered: 10/20/14
Posts: 261
The days of my youth Hunting and fishing in the Sabine river bottom south of Marshall Tx Woolworth Hunting club 8k ac of bottom land and every member related by blood or marriage. You camped in surplus army tents . And got around in Willys jeeps . You hunted squirrel and deer by finding a Pinoak flat and sitting on the ground leaning against a big Oak to break up your outline and sitting still. Used shotguns with buckshot and contrary to popular belief were very successful. Doe were strictly off limits and any buck was a trophy. Had a great uncle and some hillbilly cousins that had hounds and would run deer and hogs and it was a highly coordinated event in the hills, the river bottom was off limits to hunt with dogs. We ate like kings and had fellowship in camp that you just don't have now a days . I drove past that bottom along Hwy 59 a few months ago and where huge old Oaks stood nothing but pine plantation.

#6302683 - 05/18/16 11:58 AM Re: There was a time. . .ww [Re: mikei]
txtrophy85 Online   content
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Registered: 08/12/05
Posts: 23382
I don't remember $.15 gas but I remember shooting .22 shorts because the long rifles got stuck in the breech of my falling block single shot.

We were more skilled back then because we had to be to be successful, I'm thankful of that. But hunting now is so much better in terms of management and even equipment I would never want to go back to those days. We didn't know any different back then. That 15 hp motor on the back of grandpas 16' v hull (we had a 15 hp johnson and then a 9.9 hp evinrude) was great, but I wouldn't give up my 20' center console with the 140 hp on it, I can get further, faster and in a greater variety of conditions than I could before.

You can easily recreate a lot of the old times, leave the tent, phones, gps, etc. at home and rough it. Or not. The choice is up to you.

When we go up in the mountains we stay in tents. Aside from the gps and some of our cook wear it's almost like being back in 1985.
Originally Posted By: Nogalus Prairie
I think the deer hunting shows and "Bro' Country" are going to be the downfall of this once-great nation.

#6302687 - 05/18/16 12:02 PM Re: There was a time. . .ww [Re: mikei]
rickym Offline
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Registered: 06/14/15
Posts: 5694
Loc: texas
I'm under 30 and have experienced a lot of those things. I grew up living the simple life, we didn't have luxury items of any kind. Heck, my parents bought their first new car when I was 12. It wasn't exactly "nice", it was a 2002 work truck f150 with no bells or whistles, but it had a/c! I didn't have a cell phone til I graduated high school and bought myself one, now every 8yr old has one. Probably not many people grow up now days with even the life I've had. It's sad
Originally Posted By: Grizz
Wingshooting is like sex for me - I love doing it but I'm just not that good at it.

#6302781 - 05/18/16 01:18 PM Re: There was a time. . .ww [Re: mikei]
Dalee7892 Online   content
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Registered: 05/04/15
Posts: 2045
Loc: Denton County
No tv, listen to the radio. Games played was what we could think up. The swing, old tire tied in tree, great family times together.

#6302786 - 05/18/16 01:22 PM Re: There was a time. . .ww [Re: mikei]
poisonivie Offline

Registered: 03/10/09
Posts: 7825
Loc: Bridgeport, Tx
I used to be the remote control for my parents
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#6302941 - 05/18/16 03:39 PM Re: There was a time. . .ww [Re: mikei]
TxAg Offline
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Registered: 01/15/07
Posts: 3653
Loc: Live in Katy, Hunt in Llano Co...
I'm 36 and can relate a pretty good portion of this.

-I remember when bricks of .22 ammo were ~$5, but you darn sure didn't waste them. The .22 I had was bought by my uncle at a garage sale for $10.
-I bought thousands of daisy BB's that came in little cardboard tubes.
-Nights were spent on the lake shore or the river back in a lawn chair with mesh bottom and a coleman lantern.
-I bought my first non-Zebco Shimano spinning real when I was about 12 at Wal-mart, and probably caught more fish with that rig than any of the "fancier" combos I have today.
-A bag of worms, a canoe, a sack lunch, and a river made for a great summer day's entertainment.
-All outdoor reading I did up until the age of ~18 came from Grandpa's passed down magazines and catalogs.

And finally, we used to take our rifles in our trucks to High School, and think nothing of it because we were heading out to go hog or deer hunting right after school got out. Can't imagine that happening now....bolt

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