25,000 acres of corn, milo, soybean, cotton and rice; with half of that being no-till. Properties in Matagorda, Wharton, Colorado and Jackson Counties. Near and around the towns of Blessing, Palacios, Francitas, Louise, Clemville, Nada, Markham and El Maton. Ducks, geese, cranes, doves and hog hunting all included. Duck hunting is allowed 5 days a week as ponds are rested and rotated.

This season we will have 50 plus blinds on over 1,000 acres of water. Locations are chosen via online reservation system. No meeting every morning or worrying about politics of a draw system.

This is a memberís only club, we do not guide or run day hunts.

Group waterfowl membership consists of up to 4 hunters for $7500. Upgrades to 6 man groups are allowed for additional cost. You form up your own group, we do not force hunters together. One member must be present at all times, open spots in group may be filled with guests.

Email me at chuck@huntbhc.com or PM me here. Thanks.

We also have one 150 acre reservoir available for lease. Contact me for details.