Each set includes a NIB MD-ADS micro dot and one Scalarworks QD Mount. Together, the MD-ADS and Scalarworks mount weight 4.4oz. Comes with the original MD-ADS box/papers & Scalarworks box/papers.
––-> Cash Price: $280 each shipped.
––-> Cash Price: $800 shipped all three.
––-> Trades: I am open to Spike's Punisher stripped lower, Aero TX stripped lower, BCM lower

* I am the original owner of all three sets.
* They were all purchased in the last few months.
* The Scalarworks Gen2 LDM110 is 1/3 Co-witness.

First "I'll take it" (by timestamp) followed up with an immediate IM/email.

I accept DISCREET Paypal (+3.5% or as a GIFT).

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