Some threads here talk about when states will draw and how you have to go keep checking to see if you drew.

Want to be told if you drew in Colorado or in other western states. You no longer need to keep checking state websites to see if you drew.
The PointHunter app will look up your results and send them to you. Click this link on your smartphone to take you to the app store or click it on your computer to take you to the website.
PointHunter is a points lookup and reminder to apply system that does the following-

1. Tells you if you drew or not.
2. Application deadline reminders in only the states you want them in.
3. Access to your points: anytime, anywhere. The app looks it up for you.

Watch how it works on youtube.

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Know your families and friends points including Texas.
1. Application deadline reminders.
2. Be the first to know your draw results
3. Looks up your points

Download at