The new line up for HCA is awesome.
These are some of the smoothest shooting bows I've handled.
The X12 is beast!! 345 IBO with 7" brace, and super light at 3.8lbs
I have an X12 set at 29.5"/70lb shooting 365gr arrow @ 333fps and a 552.6gr arrow @ 272fps and 91.47KE

The Axis is a smooth shooter as well
330 IBO, 7.5" brace, 3.9lbs
I'm still tweaking this one, it's set at 29/70
Current numbers are 365gr arrow @ 315fps and 552.6gr arrow @ 256fps
I have a few more tricks up my sleeve to get these numbers up some more.

At the price point of these ($799) they are super contenders to any of the other major brands out there.

Give me a call and come check them out!!
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