Doing some spring cleaning and have accumulated a bunch of stuff I will never use. All prices shipped. If you want multiple items we can combine shipping


RCBS FL 375 HH New $30
RCBS FL 30-30 used $20
RCBS FL 270 used $20


Warne 30mm Med p/n 214M New $30
Leupold 1'' High p/n New $25


7mm Barnes 160 gr. TSX, opened box but all there $30
7mm Hornady 154 gr. Interbond 90 pc $25
7mm Nosler 168 gr. Custom Comp, opened box but all there $25
7mm Sierra 160 game king, 80 pc $25

.30 Speer 130 gr hollowpoint 28 pc
.30 Speer 150 gr. RN Hot Core 84 pc, would sell both of these for $25


Hornady Lock n load bullet comparator and insert set new $25 (6 inserts)

Please let me know if you have any questions.