This course will build the shooters Long Range skills by developing good habits when shooting from conventional positions. Students can expect to shoot at least 100 rounds and hit a 1 1/2 MOA target placed at 700 yards and beyond. This is dependent on the shooters rifle and cartridge. Beginners, novice, or experienced shooters will all benefit from this course. If time permits all shooters will have their rifle trued to the ballistic application.

Course cost is $949. A deposit of $475 is required to register and the balance must be paid prior to the beginning of the course.

Student will receive:

- Student Handbook

- 7F Tactical Data Book

- Custom Ballistic Card for one rifle, scope, & ammunition set up used in the course

- Course Tshirt

- Lunch and drinks provided each day

Instruction will cover:

- Safety

- Equipment selection & set up

- Precision Rifle Marksmanship & Establishing Supported Positions (prone, kneeling, & sitting)

- Scope Theory (MOA vs MilRad)

- Introductory Rifle Ballistics (Internal, External, & Terminal)

- Range Estimation

- Precision Rifle Data book

- Range Cards

- Environmental Considerations

- Introduction to Wind Reading

- Rifle Data gathering out to 700 yards

- Introduction to Ballistic Calculators

Minimum Gear Required:

- Rifle capable of 1 MOA at 300 yards.

Recommended: 300 caliber or larger bolt action rifle. Semi-automatics are accepted as long as they can hold 1 MOA at 300 yards. NO .50 Caliber. (.260 Remington, 6, 6.5 match grade is acceptable)

- Precision Rifle Scope with MilDot or MilRad reticle (fixed or variable) w/target turrets Ballistic Reticles not recommended.

- Rifle support (front: bipod; rear: bag)

- Minimum 100 rounds ammunition (200 rds preferred).

- Rifle cleaning gear

- Inch Pound Torque wrench (according to rifle)

- Hearing protection (Electronic preferred)

- Eye protection

- Long sleeve shirt/long pants

- Rugged field boots

- Note taking material w/Pencil

- Seasonal weather gear/rain gear

Recommended Equipment:

- Shooting Mat

- Elbow pads

- Spotting Scope

- Binoculars

- Write in the rain notepad

- Sharpie Pen

- Self-Adhesive Lamination Sheets

* If students need overnight accommodations, this is separate and apart from the course but we have recommendations and arranged rates at several local lodges.
Instructor Bio
Erick Findley Founder and Instructor 7 Foxtrot. He founded 7 Foxtrot in July 2013 after 23 years of service, both Active & Reserve, in the U.S. Marine Corps. While in the Corps, he served in the infantry as a Anti-Tank Missleman (MOS 0352), a Scout Sniper (MOS 8541/0317), Infantry Unit Leader (MOS 0369) and a Primary Marksmanship Instructor (MOS 8531). - TX DPS Certified Concealed Handgun (CHL) Instructor - Member of The Texas Concealed Handgun Association - Member - NRA Life of Duty - NRA Basic Pistol Instructor - NRA Refuse to be a Victim Instructor - NRA Range Safety Officer - United States Concealed Carry Association Member & Affiliate Instructor

Terms & Conditions:

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7 Foxtrot, LLC and Coyote Armory reserves the right to cancel the listed course at any time with reasonable notice given to all participants. If a course is cancelled, you will be given the opportunity to reschedule attendance in the next available training course. In the event of a cancellation, 7 Foxtrot and Coyote Armory is not responsible for non-refundable airfares, other airfare penalties, or any other travel charges or expenses you may incur.k

Course Rescheduling by 7 Foxtrot, LLC or Coyote Armory

7 Foxtrot LLC reserves the right to re-schedule any scheduled class due to inclement weather, insufficient minimum attendance, or any other reason as determined by 7 Foxtrot LLC or Coyote Armory. 7 Foxtrot LLC and Coyote Armory agrees to make attempts to make contact with students by email, to notify them about the cancellation or rescheduling of the class. In the case of extreme or dangerous weather, classes may be rescheduled the day of the class. Students who do not receive emails from 7 Foxtrot LLC or Coyote Armory due to their spam filters being set to high or any other computer problems on the part of the student are not the responsibility of the 7 Foxtrot LLC or Coyote Armory.

Re-Scheduling or Cancellations of Classes by Student

The student must contact us at least 24 hours in advance if you cannot attend any scheduled class. Failure of the student to notify Coyote Armory within 24 hours or the failure to contact Coyote Armory prior to the start of the scheduled class is grounds for being cancelled from the class without the ability to reschedule. With the exception of special or extraordinary circumstances, classes may be re-scheduled a total of two times over no more than a 90-day period without the loss of the deposit. If a student cancels a course and does not wish to reschedule they will lose the deposit.