I have a lease that we're trying to fill. I have up to 5 spots left - I think. The total lease is 4,000 acres, but it's cross fenced very well. Once we plotted it out on a map, it only made sense to just let every hunter have their own pasture. The pasture sizes range from 320 acres up to 660 acres. On the two larger pastures (660 acres each), we're going to try and put 2 guys that already know each other on those pastures. We're trying to get it to where each hunter has roughly 300-400 acres to hunt. There are tanks all over the place with one for sure good fishing tank. Regardless who has this pasture (the pasture with the tank), all paying members will be allowed to fish the tank in the off season. Strict set of rules to protect everyone involved and to keep everyone on the same page. They're not "strict" unless you don't like following rules in the first place. All in all, we're looking for 8-10 guys for the 4,000 acres. I believe we've got 5 committed as of now. The place is north of Cisco in between Cisco and Breckenridge. No alcohol during hunting and no camping on the place. I'm not sure what to tell you on quality as this will be my first year on the lease as well. I'm thinking a 140 class buck will be a nice buck and I would bet we take 2-3 really big bucks (150+) each year if everyone is supplemental feeding and selective on what they harvest. I do know that they guided on the place a while back and took some big bucks. Had a few well known names on the ranch. Leased it out after that and then the owners got tired of the bickering and it hasn't been leased in 3 years I believe. $4,500 per gun. That'll be 1 trophy, 1 approved cull, doe, varmits, pigs, turkey, dove, fishing. Let me know if interested.