So I did a leg day yesterday and figured I'd post it up in case somebody wants to try it. Btw, I always stretch first, and yesterday I stretched and did a 5 min row first.

I started with squat and I pyramid my squat. 11, 8, 5, 5, 8, 11 reps with adding and taking away weight. On the 5,8,11, I did box jumps in between each set. Short box with 11 jumps, medium box with 8, and tall with 5.

After that I did front squat with just 3 sets of 11 with 11 burpees after each set.

Next was inverted leg press in the 11,8,5,5,8,11 pyramid. On the 5, 8, 11, I did 10 broad jumps, just squatting and jumping as far forward as you can.

Post up your workout and maybe we can broaden our horizons and change up your routine if needed.
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