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#6279544 - 04/28/16 07:41 PM 380 acp reloading
GrinnnPossum Offline
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Registered: 02/01/13
Posts: 8
Loc: Garland
OK Just bought my wife a Glock 42. Bought the dies,some brass,even bought some new factory ammo. Now the reason I'm writing this. Factory ammo shot without a hiccup. Shot almost 150 rounds. Then tried to shoot some of my reloads. That's when the shooting stopped. Got failure to feed and stove piping. My loads were new brass,Berry's 100 gr RNFB bullets on top of W231 3.0 gr with col of .980". I got a little enthusiastic and loaded up 200 rounds. Now what I would like to know is can I take those rounds and set the bullet deeper to .970" and would that up the pressure just right to eject the shell plus help in the feeding of the round. Thanks for any advice.😭🔫

#6279725 - 04/28/16 10:08 PM Re: 380 acp reloading [Re: GrinnnPossum]
ChadTRG42 Online   happy
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First, did you size the brass, and if so, did you get a full length size? Second, can you tell where the feeding issue is? Is it not chambering, is it catching as it comes out of the mag? Third, the Berry's copper plated bullets may not shoot in the Glock hexagonal rifling. Often times these copper plated lead bullets will tumble as they leave the muzzle if you run too long of a bullet. Check this to make sure.

Basically, you have to figure out why you are getting the failure to feed and where the round is catching. If the round has a heavy crimp, and it's flaring the case out and causing the round to be too large, then you will need to fix that. A final chamber check die on the last stage of loading will help this. If a round does chamber, but is a tight fit, once you fire the round, it will still be tight in the chamber causing your FTE issue. I would take a black Sharpie, and color up a few cases and chamber check them to see where you get scratches from it making contact. Don't feed them from mag. Insert them directly into the barrels chamber and let the slide go (safely, of course), so you don't scratch it before you chamber it.

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#6280667 - 04/29/16 05:51 PM Re: 380 acp reloading [Re: GrinnnPossum]
GrinnnPossum Offline
Green Horn

Registered: 02/01/13
Posts: 8
Loc: Garland
Thanks Chad for the reply. Yes I did FL size all of the brass. It looks like the failure to feed problem is the length of the round. They get hung up trying to go into the chamber. They will go into the chamber and fire. Yes it does look like the problem is as it comes out of the magazine. I would also like to know if I set the bullets back to .970 coal will that build the pressure to a bad level?

#6281344 - 04/30/16 11:47 AM Re: 380 acp reloading [Re: GrinnnPossum]
ASIC777 Offline

Registered: 11/30/07
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Loc: McKinney, TX.
My $.02, everything Chad said but ....I don't like 231 with the heavier bullet in the .380. I have used 231 in the .380 with LIGHTER bullets but look at the Hodgdon reloading site. 3.0 grains +/- .1 grain is min/max. Way too narrow a range for me with that bullet weight. Now look at CFE pistol .... 3.3 - 4.0. OK so you use more powder, and the pressures can go a bit higher, but you also have more room for error and adjustment.

I had a very similar sounding issue with a new Browning Hi-power in 9mm many years back and it was not the COAL or sizing. It just needed to be loaded near the top of the chart to get the good ejection, slide all the way back, and enough slide speed to get the stripped case into the chamber before it canted up and jammed up... I would not try that with the 380 using 231. You have no room unless you weigh every charge exactly.
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#6284749 - 05/03/16 09:14 AM Re: 380 acp reloading [Re: GrinnnPossum]
turnbullshooter Offline
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Registered: 04/15/16
Posts: 2
Have you pullet a few bullets and remeasured your powder to insure that you were loading the correct amount? I have loaded before where my scale wasn't calibrated correctly and the powder was short .3 grains causing the same issues on my 9mm.

#6294167 - 05/10/16 05:46 PM Re: 380 acp reloading [Re: GrinnnPossum]
barnjoer Offline
Bird Dog

Registered: 03/30/12
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Loc: Close to the Heart of Texas
try 3.0ge HP38 with 100gr RN
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