To all my fellow Members - I am a teacher at Jacksonville HS, we will be introducing Outdoor Edication/Adventures into our district curriculum as of August 2016. There is the plan to introduce it at the High School with the possibility of the middle school for next year with my hope to expand at least the Archery to all campuses in the future!!

Outdoor Adventures is a curriculum created by Dallas Ecological Foundation and endorsed by TEA (Texas Education Agency). Outdoor Adventures is designed to help introduce students to all manner of outdoor activities (Camping, Hunting, Fishing, Orienteering, Outdoor cooking etc...) as well as the ethics and responsibilities that govern these disciplines. We also want to give students the opportunity to engage in activities they already enjoy inside of school hours as well as give them activities/skills they can share with parents, siblings or possibly their future families.

In an attempt to setup a great curriculum with plenty of hands on learning experiences I am reaching out to the forum for help!

If you would like to donate old or possibly even broken (with ability to be fixed or modified) hunting/fishing/camping etc. equipment any and all donations would be greatly appreciated!

In a time where we see our young people more attached to phones that fishing poles I hope we see these programs spread to all of our Texas schools.

If there is the chance you would like to donate please contact me through PM - Thank You