I have here the following lots of factory ammunition to sale, local FTF in the North Dallas area (I am in Plano):

1) 1 700rd Tin of WPA 7.62x39 Military Classic 124gr FMJ - perfect for storing for a rainy day - $150

2) 2625rds of .22LR to include 1 1400rd Remington "Bucket O Bullets" of 36gr copper plated hollow points, 1 400rd box of Browning plated 40gr solids, 1 325rd box of Federal Auto Match, and 500rds (5 100rd boxes) of Remington Golden plated bullets. - $200 for all 2625rds. The .22 ammo is SPF to Keith. Thanks, Earl

3) 210rds of 44 Magnum ammo. This lot includes 1 box of 50rds of Privi Partizan (PPU) 240gr JHP, 1 box (50rds) Herters 240gr Soft Points, 1 box (50rds) American Eagle 240gr JHP, and 3 boxes (60rds) of Hornady Leverlution 225gr FTX. The price for all the .44 Mag is $100.

4) 175rds of .357 Magnum ammo. This lot consists of 1 box (50rds) of Privi Partizan (PPU) 158gr semi jacketed hollow points, 1 box (50rds) of Black Hills125gr JHP, 3 boxes (75rds) of Hornady Critical Duty 135gr FlexLock. The price for the .357 ammo is $80. The .357 ammo is SPF to Keith. Thanks, Earl

First to say the take it, gets it. I do have it cross listed. Sorry cannot ship - FTF only (I am in Plano). I can be reached either via PM or email - elbattey@verizon.net


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