I'm selling my Colt 9mm carbine so selling the mags I have for it separately. The carbine is also listed for sale. I have here 5 20-round mags for Colt style AR carbines. These are made by the same OEM manufacturer as the Colt marked mags - Metalform. They will work flawlessly. They are new. I also have 8 32-rnd mags. These are also made by Metalform and are the same as Colt mags except instead of the Colt Pony they have the logo and stamp of Palmetto State Armory which is where I purchased them. The mags (20 and 32rnd) are $20ea. Shipping will be an additional $5 for one or all mags.

The mags are all SPF. Thanks, Earl

First to say they take it, gets it. I do have them cross listed. I can be reached either via PM or email me at - elbattey@verizion.net


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