First, no pictures, sorry. This is the first year that I have been on a lease with turkeys and I have been hunting for 30 years. Season opens mid April for a month. I had gone to the lease this weekend to do some work but decided to try to use a call to get a Tom to come in. Luckily where I sat, I had one in the trees gobeling at dawn. I put my daughter and son in law in a deer stand with turkey decoys about 30 yards in front of them. I backed off in the brush in a tree line. Started using a box and went to a mouth call. The Tom and I conversed for about 10 minutes and then silence. A couple of minutes later, I saw him strutting and running towards the decoys. He stared next to a jake decoy and started giving him the eye. After about 15 seconds he just started meandering around. I chirped a few times and kept him in eyesight for about 3 minutes. Was the koolest thing I had ever experienced.