Must be picked up at Lowes in Mesquite. Padding and material is in fair to poor shape, but the stand is in good working condition. Roughly 12-14' tall.

I'll take one the following as payment:
$30.00 cash
Three boxes of brass case 9mm ammo target ammo
4 boxes of 55 or 62 grain .223 target ammo brass case
2 boxes of Hornady 120 SST 6.8 ammo
5 boxes of 12 gauge Remingtion heavy dove 7-8 shot
5 boxes of 20 gauge Remington heavy dove 7-8 shot
3 Magpul 20 round magazines gen 3 with covers

I will text a pic, but it's disassembled in my garage. I need this gone quickly to stay out of the doghouse.