I am looking to trade snake avoidance training for X number of dogs in turn for a turkey hunt for 2 or 4 people. Whatever we work out. If you have turkey, I have snakes and will travel. We can set up a clinic and train your's, friend and family dogs. My name is Wayne 713 530 9182 www.snakebreaker.com

I know hunting is hunting but for a trade deal I am looking for a a fair chance at a turkey. No "should have seen the birds yesterday" please. I am bringing a 12 year resume of training professionalism, I just expect the same. You may open the clinic up to the public and charge my rates, but not over my rates as my name name is attached.


Ruffling Feathers Guide Service

UTHFDHGTG Port O'Conner, Texas Dec. 9 Hunt 10,11
lodging 361 983 4371