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#6224238 - 03/15/16 12:06 PM Brand & Type of bullet
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Registered: 11/23/05
Posts: 3272
Loc: Pittsburg, Texas
The wife & I have an elk hunt in Montana for the coming season. We plan on taking 2 rifles each, 7-08 & 30-06. The 7-08's will be loaded with Barnes 140 TSX and the 06's will be loaded Nosler 150 Ballistic Tips. I have heard that the Noslers will not penetrate deep enough for elk hunting. I would sure like information from any that have actually elk hunted with the Ballistic Tip. What was your results? We will be shooting my reloads and shots will be less than 200 yds per the outfitter. Thanks Daniel

#6224245 - 03/15/16 12:15 PM Re: Brand & Type of bullet [Re: DLALLDER]
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Loc: Hewitt, Texas
I personally prefer the Nosler Ballistic Tip. I hunt with a .270 and shoot a Federal Premium 130 Nosler Ballistic Tip and I've never had a white tall buck run. They fall where I shoot them. The Barnes 140 TSX I think is a good bullet also. If you looking for something that will hold together better look at an Accu-bond. I think what you have picked will do very well.

#6224251 - 03/15/16 12:25 PM Re: Brand & Type of bullet [Re: DLALLDER]
Nogalus Prairie Online   content
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Registered: 11/22/10
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Loc: Corsicana
I haven't elk hunted with it because I prefer a little tougher bullet for elk like the TSX, Partition, or Accubond. They are big,tough critters.
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#6224308 - 03/15/16 01:38 PM Re: Brand & Type of bullet [Re: DLALLDER]
Bbear Offline

Registered: 11/24/13
Posts: 878
Loc: West Texas
I think the BT would work as long as you stay off of shoulder blades. I've seen those turn TSX's at inside 100 yard range.
I've had my best luck with the Partitions but that's only a sample of two. Others I've taken with AB's and one with a Sierra GK 180 gr.

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#6224310 - 03/15/16 01:40 PM Re: Brand & Type of bullet [Re: DLALLDER]
Jgraider Offline

Registered: 06/13/15
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Loc: West Texas
Nosler partition, the greatest hunting bullet ever made. They are still the standard by which all other hunting bullets are judged.

#6224376 - 03/15/16 02:44 PM Re: Brand & Type of bullet [Re: DLALLDER]
Toepuncher Offline
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Registered: 12/12/07
Posts: 484
Loc: Heath, Texas
I don't think you are going to find a whole lot of people with actual elk hunting experience using BT's. In Nosler's FAQ section of their website, when asked to distinguish BT's from Accubonds, they essentially say that BT's are designed for medium game while Accubonds provide for deeper penetration on larger game. I have killed elk with Trophy Bonded Bear Claws and Nosler Partitions. Like others have said, I would go with a bullet designed for deeper penetration on larger game.

#6224486 - 03/15/16 04:42 PM Re: Brand & Type of bullet [Re: DLALLDER]
redchevy Offline
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Registered: 10/25/04
Posts: 27755
Loc: Texas
I would recommend my classic... a nosler partition.

That said have a friend who shot an elk in Colorado with a 270 win and 130 grain ballistic tips. Show was inside 100 yards and he shot it 3 times. Did it take 3? I don't know but that's how many he shot it before it fell down and stayed down.
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#6224558 - 03/15/16 05:32 PM Re: Brand & Type of bullet [Re: DLALLDER]
Eyesofahunter Offline

Registered: 01/11/15
Posts: 629
Loc: Hill Country of Texas
IMO you are on the light side with 150 gr BT for elk. You want a bullet that will punch all the way through the chest, 180 gr accubond is a favorite of mine. My 06 elk load from the 80s was 200 gr speer hot core over 4831. Depending on where you are in Montana you might find a Grizzly looking for trouble and then you are really under weight with a 150 BT. All my opinions this fall will be taking a 7mm RUM with 175 Swift AF.

#6224781 - 03/15/16 07:15 PM Re: Brand & Type of bullet [Re: DLALLDER]
trapperben Online   content

Registered: 11/11/14
Posts: 168
Loc: Lubbock and Texas
I and a friend hunted with 06 ballistic tips but never went under 165 grain even for deer. I would use partition for elk myself though the ballistic tip in 180 grain might be ok. Good luck on your hunt.

Only thing experience related he shot a 200 plus pound deer at around 200 yards through the shoulder tips and spine with the 165 grain and his bullet may still be going. Pretty good bullet.

#6224799 - 03/15/16 07:23 PM Re: Brand & Type of bullet [Re: DLALLDER]
Pitchfork Predator Offline
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Registered: 01/25/13
Posts: 14068
Loc: Murphy, TX Dickens county
I would switch to the partition for the 30.06. I think 150 would be fine with that bullet.

I would step up to more than 140 with the 7mm08. And use the same bullet.
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#6224819 - 03/15/16 07:43 PM Re: Brand & Type of bullet [Re: DLALLDER]
furfinrfeather Offline
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Registered: 09/17/09
Posts: 274
I shoot a Rem .280. Well to be correct, I shoot a Rem 7MM Express. I have taken several nice bull elk and maybe a dozen cows all with the Nosler 140 gr. BT. It will work but like with any bullet, shot placement is important! I plan on using them again this year.

#6225407 - 03/16/16 11:00 AM Re: Brand & Type of bullet [Re: DLALLDER]
Red Cloud Offline
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Registered: 09/04/09
Posts: 1941
Loc: Weatherford, Texas
The Barnes TSX and the earlier X bullet have always performed exceptionally well for me in .300 Wby magnum and .300 H&H on elk, mule deer, whitetail and several exotics. I had a bad experience with the 140 gr. Nosler BT in my .270 Wby mag. Model 70 Winchester. Three bullets blew up on impact on a ram in northern Colorado. To be fare, these were my very hot hand loads. I did however kill that ram, after some frustration.

#6225492 - 03/16/16 12:02 PM Re: Brand & Type of bullet [Re: DLALLDER]
papa45 Offline

Registered: 05/14/07
Posts: 671
Loc: Arlington
I have killed three elk with Nosler 165 and 180 gr Accubonds. Partitions, another good choice, were loaded in my backup rifle, but not needed. I would not use a BT.

#6225641 - 03/16/16 02:20 PM Re: Brand & Type of bullet [Re: DLALLDER]
GLC Offline

Registered: 02/25/09
Posts: 4903
Loc: BenBrook Texas
I have used the Nosler ballistic tips for a while in my 7mmo8 at 140 grain, I don't always get good penetration with them but still like them. I have used the Accubond in mt 300 winmag and they always have good penetration with it.

#6225771 - 03/16/16 04:14 PM Re: Brand & Type of bullet [Re: GLC]
PNOAK Offline

Registered: 03/02/15
Posts: 73
Loc: Brenham,Tx
I would not use BT ammo on an animal that size, I've seen them blow up on a whitetail shoulder,Of the 8 elk I have shot,not one has ever gone down with one shot and I have always used barnes or trophy bonded..Remember-keep shooting till he is down.

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