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#6220203 - 03/11/16 08:29 PM Elk hunt gear list?
hookemhorns Offline

Registered: 01/10/06
Posts: 674
Loc: Forney, TX
What all is in your gear list including camo, packs etc for an elk hunt. Im going to Wyoming in late September and already having to think about things I need/want to buy. I look forward to hearing all the thoughts
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#6220242 - 03/11/16 08:54 PM Re: Elk hunt gear list? [Re: hookemhorns]
Sneaky Online   content
The "Grouch"

Registered: 10/22/12
Posts: 18788
Loc: Winters
Here's my list:

Elk Hunting List

Binos and harness
Lens cloth
Water bladder
5 game bags
Zip ties
Parachute cord
Black tape
Mole skin
Survival kit:
Waterproof matches
Space blanket(2)
Super glue(gel and liquid)
Quick Clot
Athletic tape
Water purifier straw

Sleeping bag
150 quart cooler
65 quart cooler
Bottled water
Jugs of water
Cooking grate
Camp stove
Paper plates
Trash bags
Cooking oil
Cleaning kit
Paper towels
Camp chair

Boots(2-3 pair)
Light jacket(waterproof)
Heavy jacket
Orange vest
Orange cap

#6220251 - 03/11/16 09:01 PM Re: Elk hunt gear list? [Re: hookemhorns]
rifleman Offline
Sparkly Pants

Registered: 11/19/08
Posts: 44356
Loc: Kingwood
^^^^. Be sure to include a uhaul.

#6220335 - 03/11/16 10:17 PM Re: Elk hunt gear list? [Re: hookemhorns]
LDBrown Offline
Light Foot

Registered: 02/13/12
Posts: 44
Loc: Northern Idaho
I think Sneaky has a pretty good list put together there, it does seem like a lot of gear to haul rifleman but depending on the area and type of hunt all these things could be a good idea, I do trim some of these out for the weight factor, knife sharpener being one of them, I have a pair of identical knives, I know I can get through an elk with 1 really sharp knife because I have quartered many elk with them, I take both and always have a good edge without carrying sharpener. I also remove the water bladder from my pack and just carry a water bottle with water purifier straw in it. Multi-tools like a Leatherman are too heavy for the amount I use them on day or overnight hunts so that gets trimmed too. I don't have any known allergies so Benadryl is not in my pack, you will want to customize this list to fit your situation just as I would.

Many of the items can vary greatly in weight so finding light weight alternatives can save a lot of weight, binos, game bags, flashlights, camera, food are some of the things that fall in this category. No matter what it is you are considering putting in your pack be sure it is needed and don't overkill on anything, zip ties are handy but you don't need a 20 pack of 2XL industrial strength ties and so on.

A couple things I add to my list of camp/truck supplies are toothbrush & paste, dish detergent, scent free soap/shampoo, skillet, a couple pots & pans, coffee percolator, chainsaw & fuel/oil. I also like a tent & cot if not taking my camp trailer.

So there are my initial thoughts but give us some more info here, will you be hunting from a base camp, horsebacking in to a camp, backpack/bivy hunting, or a combination of?
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#6220392 - 03/11/16 11:17 PM Re: Elk hunt gear list? [Re: rifleman]
Sneaky Online   content
The "Grouch"

Registered: 10/22/12
Posts: 18788
Loc: Winters
Originally Posted By: rifleman
^^^^. Be sure to include a uhaul.

A Toyota does just fine if you're into quality automobiles. You just listen to LDBrown. He's got it figured out.

And, like I've said before, that is an all inclusive list. Not all of those items are necessary. I only bring about 99% of that stuff, depending on the circumstances, and only about 90% makes into my pack.

#6220393 - 03/11/16 11:19 PM Re: Elk hunt gear list? [Re: hookemhorns]
Cajun Raider Offline

Registered: 07/23/11
Posts: 698
Loc: Texas
Silly as it may sound, hot chocolate for chilly days and nights. Lasts longer than coffee. Based on experience of eight elk hunts.
Don't talk the talk if you didn't walk the walk.

#6220492 - 03/12/16 06:46 AM Re: Elk hunt gear list? [Re: hookemhorns]
Western Offline
THF Celebrity

Registered: 04/20/11
Posts: 25948
Loc: Wise County Texas
I'd 1st say, what style of hunt are you going on? As LDBrown said, much will depend on if you are going DIY, guided, out of a lodge, horseback, walk in camping?? Then, not counting basics needed for high country hunting, how comfortable do you need to be?

Anything outside of what you actually take in your pack, will be for comfort IMO, the style of hunt will dictate what you may need. As far as pack needs, I started 30-35 years ago packed similar to Sneaky's list, everything but the walk-in cooler grin Took less than 2 years and my pack was down to only the necessities to complete the "mission".

The pack load in many ways will also be dictated by the style of hunt. I have bud's that now use outfitters 99% of the time, they show up with rifle, ammo and clothing and a few incidentals like a knife or 2 and coolers, that is about it, but that is the furthest extreme from DIY.

Sneaky's list, is comfortable for him, his load to carry, so it works. Great list to give you an idea of things to think about and weigh against what you need for YOUR comfort level. There are a few things I think all big game hunters will have that are necessity when high country hunting, like field equipment to manage your animal after it is down. That can be basic if using and outfitter/guide, or could be extra if alone like I hunt most of the time.

What I think is needed just based on a lot of elk hunting, comfort.

Comfort is extremely important IMO, I have slept anywhere from bed of a truck, to a friends 2 million dollar log home, if you don't get the rest you need to hunt efficiently, even a 10# pack can be a burden. IMO the camp sets the tone for the hunt (I usually hunt all day, light to dark. I do find my self wimping out more now though). I will nap on the hunt if I want, so will usually stay in the field. I will usually take more than I need for base camp, for eons it was usually a good tent and more crap than I ever used, but I had it if I needed it. Sleeping gear has always been a key element for me, if it was an air mattress (when the wife came along), or several sleeping bags on the ground, cot, whatever worked.

I joke with Sneaky about his list, mostly his pack list, but in all reality, it is what he feels is comfortable and that is the main thing. A 10 mile hike with an 80# pack, will often make a fella re-access his "comfort" level grin

Rambling because I got up too early and bored, but a good idea to try. Pack a high country load of what you think you may hike with, then go on a stroll with that pack where you live. At the altitude you are, you will know real quick if you want to re-evaluate it. Add the high altitude and temps on an elk hunt and that load can feel greater.

I now have/use a camper, which for me is comfortable with my physical condition, but my pack load has remained the same for over 25 years. Will post it later today.
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