Two lots at the end of River Oaks Dr. Located Southwest College Station.

One is 2/3rd acre and water front on the Brazos River. Itís a drain area that would prevent a home from being built on it but it does allow for easier access down to the water. A set of metal stairs could be installed to make access easier. The river bank itself is fairly flat and could be used for camping. Great place to fish, hang out, drink beer, etc. This property is located right in the middle of a 3 mile stretch of deep water. Running an outboard during August drought conditions is no problem. I have never seen another person on this section of river. You instantly get the feeling you are in the middle of nowhere. Private access essentially gets you a private river. A pipe rail boat launch could probably be put in fairly easily. A concrete launch might be possible. This entire lot is in the flood plain.

The second lot is across the street. It is 1/3rd acre but itís narrow. It would work well for a smaller house but is too narrow for anything real big. Very pretty lot with mature oak trees. Neighboring property is open pasture. The top half of the lot is NOT in the flood plain so no flood insurance needed. The county road was never finished all the way to the end to give access to this lot. The rite of way is there and the county is on board with an owner finishing the last 75ft of road and the county will then maintain. There will need to be a culvert installed for drainage under the road.

Would make a great weekend place within minutes of Kyle Field.

Price- $99,800. This is a pretty rare property. I have no clue what an appraisal might come in at.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

979-two zero four-0635
Toledo321 at

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