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#6188338 - 02/17/16 11:15 PM Wild hog hunting in Texas
Hunter Dockray Offline
Green Horn

Registered: 02/17/16
Posts: 2
Loc: Fort Worth, Texas
Hello all, I'm new to the forum, so I'm not sure where to ask this question. Anyways, here goes nothin'. I've never gone hunting, officially, in my life. My friend (who has been hunting for most of his) and I are looking to hunt some hogs here in North Texas. We'd hoped to find some public land to hunt on, but unfortunately there's not much that allows hunting here in Texas, and we're unsure of what licenses are necessary to hunt on the few areas available. Any recommendations to land areas would be much appreciated, as well as clarification as to what needs to be done in order to legally hunt on public land, other than attending the mandatory texas hunter safety course. Also, some clarification on whether hogs are game year round or not is much appreciated; from what I've read, they are. Please correct me on anything I've stated that's wrong. Wouldn't want to break the law now, would I? Heaven forbid a free American go shoot a pest animal out in the boonies.

P.S. I've noticed that some park areas allow hunting only with bows or muzzle loaders. We'd be hunting with centerfire rifles.

#6188497 - 02/18/16 07:21 AM Re: Wild hog hunting in Texas [Re: Hunter Dockray]
rickym Offline
Extreme Tracker

Registered: 06/14/15
Posts: 4981
Loc: texas
If only hunting public land, they all have their own set of rules and regulations. Find one you want to hunt and call the gw office for that area. You will need your 48$ annual public hunt permit and depending on where you go that could be all.

Hogs are fun to hunt and its legal to hunt them 24/7/365 unless on public land. Most public areas are restricted to certain days or periods of time

#6188528 - 02/18/16 07:41 AM Re: Wild hog hunting in Texas [Re: Hunter Dockray]
PMK Offline
THF Trophy Hunter

Registered: 09/10/12
Posts: 5666
Loc: Central TX (Gtown/Austin)

I'm in central Texas, so not going to be much help on locating an area for you to hunt.

when you get bored with reading all the posts here on the THF ... TPWD Hunting
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#6188544 - 02/18/16 07:48 AM Re: Wild hog hunting in Texas [Re: Hunter Dockray]
Txhuntr2 Offline
Bird Dog

Registered: 02/19/12
Posts: 392
Loc: Houston and Val Verde
You may consider buying a hunt on private land. When I was younger, I attempted to hunt public lands for hogs (LBJ National Grasslands, Lake Grapevine, etc.) but was never successful. After buying the permit and driving to multiple public hunting locations in an attempt to learn the areas and find hogs, you might have already spent the price for a trip to a hunting ranch with a much higher success rate. Hog hunting is usually the cheapest type of hunt. In any event, at least do some internet research into paid hog hunts in your area to see what it costs. That's my 2 cents worth.

On private lands, you need a hunting license and hunter education certification, and they may be hunted at anytime and by any legal means or method. Good luck.

#6188991 - 02/18/16 10:57 AM Re: Wild hog hunting in Texas [Re: Hunter Dockray]
colt.45 Offline
THF Trophy Hunter

Registered: 03/16/12
Posts: 9557
Loc: wondering about the woods
welcome ta texasHF... OSBWMA for a public hog hunt... $48.00 permit, they used ta send ya a book, with details... Been hunting it ever sence it went public... It's been thinned out, every one looking for hog hunts... This year it was flooded most of the archery deer&hog hunts, pushing everything out ta surrounding higher ground... So the hogs been thinned out even more cause of the 24-7-365 hunting... If ya not afraid ta get a little wet, tis my ta goto place for hog hunts... See ya have a friend who is experienced so he can help ya in that department... Every WMA i've hunted have found hogs by pudding one foot in front of the other ... A good pair of cheap walking tennies... Have seen many from FW area hunting it...
Have seen some good reports on day hunts... Best Wishes... Edit: with the floodingthink ya picked the worst year, it gonna be a tough hunt... flag

i'm postaddic

#6189551 - 02/18/16 03:39 PM Re: Wild hog hunting in Texas [Re: rickym]
Hunter Dockray Offline
Green Horn

Registered: 02/17/16
Posts: 2
Loc: Fort Worth, Texas
Thanks for the clarification. It's frustrating trying to find a place to go to since there are so many restrictions on anything having to do with firearms.

#6189572 - 02/18/16 03:47 PM Re: Wild hog hunting in Texas [Re: Hunter Dockray]
rickym Offline
Extreme Tracker

Registered: 06/14/15
Posts: 4981
Loc: texas
Yes, it can be frustrating if you don't bow hunt. Like said above, I would look for a cheap hog hunt on craigslist or even on here. Hog hunts are cheap, the main reasons people have gotten to charging for them is they can be a great source of income and people don't really care to let strangers run around on their property with guns doing whatever said person pleases.

#6189965 - 02/18/16 07:37 PM Re: Wild hog hunting in Texas [Re: Hunter Dockray]
IamMr2 Offline

Registered: 01/17/15
Posts: 130
You really need to get the book from TWPD and read it. It has all the regs, methods and means, plus maps and locations of all sights. Each sight is different, so you'll need to keep track of what you can and can't do. Pay special attention to the regs and follow them. I looked at the website but didn't find a link for the book. You can call them or buy a hunting license and they will send you one. You'll need it and the aforementioned APH permit.

There are also Corps of Engineer sites. These are generally dumps, figuratively speaking. Trash all over, etc. They also have different rules. No pistols, period. Far as I know, if you can use a gun, it's shotgun only. Some are slug, some are nothing larger than #4 shot. You'll need to check their website and call their offices to stay up to date with them.

Being that you've never been before, try to find someone to teach you. It'll save you time and you'll be more courteous to the experienced hunters out there. That is the downside with public hunting. There some real dumbasses out there and courtesy can be in short supply.

#6190236 - 02/18/16 10:18 PM Re: Wild hog hunting in Texas [Re: Hunter Dockray]
Mickey Moose Online   content
Veteran Tracker

Registered: 02/05/12
Posts: 3043
All of the following can be found by simply reading the TPWD site, specifically the APH portion. The following should be cleaned up for additional clarity and sticky posted.

1. Buy a "standard" resident hunting license ($25, Type 101, this is always a debate it seems but in my opinion $25 is cheap "insurance"), add to it the APH ($48)
2. Download
3. From the PDF downloaded in #2 above pick a location to hunt
4. On the map of the desired location check the "Legal Game" box, review the details in this box such as what can be hunted at this location, when it can be hunted, how ("legal means") it can be hunted and the limits for what is being hunted, check other details on the map
5. Get your blaze orange (law, details in the PDF downloaded in #2)!
6. Go to location at the allowed times, dawn your blaze orange, register if necessary (some sites require "OSR" (on-site registration), some don't, this info will be in the details on the map)
7. Hit the field
8. Safety first!
9. Check out when leaving if on-site registration was required

Don't cross from the public land to private land (law), if you kill something take it with you (law). The hardest part for a newcomer is likely knowing what to do with what is killed before leaving. Take a couple pics for memories then "clean" it. To some people that is a big subject in itself. Youtube had plenty of videos. At this point, come back here and post your pics so we can give you high fives. The post *with pics* is important (consider pics law)!

The PDF should have answers to all legal questions. If unclear, ask us. Better yet, call the local game warden (don't know if they are listed in the PDF but they are on the TPWD web site).

Good luck.

* Information Security Ninja
* NRA Endowment Life Member

* In search of 1 or 2 person lease, 3 hours from Plano, Please PM me

#6190266 - 02/18/16 10:41 PM Re: Wild hog hunting in Texas [Re: Hunter Dockray]
StretchR Offline
Bird Dog

Registered: 05/14/14
Posts: 331
Loc: Hutto, TX (Williamson Co)
Mickey, good summary!

#6190356 - 02/19/16 04:25 AM Re: Wild hog hunting in Texas [Re: Hunter Dockray]
KeithTT Offline
Veteran Tracker

Registered: 02/15/10
Posts: 2063
Loc: fort worth TX
Give us a call and we can get you an inexpensive hunt and our guides will show you the ropes. 432-813-7833
Great hunt's at a great price!
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#6190371 - 02/19/16 05:42 AM Re: Wild hog hunting in Texas [Re: Hunter Dockray]
skinnerback Offline
THF Celebrity

Registered: 05/30/11
Posts: 11514
Loc: Rockport, Tx.
If you want to shoot big boar hogs in STX send me a PM, best hurry before the corn crops get up if you're a rifleman. After the crops are up it's mostly dog & knife.

#6190391 - 02/19/16 06:14 AM Re: Wild hog hunting in Texas [Re: Hunter Dockray]
Ringman Offline

Registered: 08/15/15
Posts: 75
Loc: East Texas
Used to hunt a lot of public lands, dove and duck. This late in the year (only 6 months left on this years hunting license) and spring/summer on the way (more limits on hunting public lands), I would book a hunt with a guide or landowner. Cost more, but less of your time and effort and you can avoid public land restrictions. It will help you figure out what your doing so that you can shorten the learning curve when you start hunting public land next season.

#6192028 - 02/20/16 12:03 PM Re: Wild hog hunting in Texas [Re: Hunter Dockray]
dfwroadkill Offline
Veteran Tracker

Registered: 09/15/09
Posts: 3350
Loc: D/FW, TX
I would definitely consider paying for a hunt. i think you'll be more successful and enjoy it much more than public land. Just my .02 cents. Might try the Texas Hog Hunter Association Facebook page. They have lots of outfitters and guides. Very well priced hunts.

Welcome to the forum! up texas


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