Hi I am a disabled vet i hav a lot o the on hands i want to learn hog hunt on FT hood I dot have money but for helping me out I can offer some fish trips to lake of our choice just not belton. I have tried to bait up a few spot and nothing i just cant seem to locate them even a phone call with advice to help up I have some one who was going to show me and let me us his blind and feeder when we my son I went there he became irate because he said i was messing up his hunt and i was lying to him hood police says if you can use anyone blind if they are not in it i did help pay for the feed buy reducing the price of a scope I can a catfish guid mostly out will chase anything if you up to it it does not heave to he ft hood i just dont know were to begin to look or what i am looking for i really want to take m y sons hog hunting it was a thrill i have not experience in a long time i can shot a deer elk ram not feel nervs or anything no seeing those hogs got my hear pumping like i was turkey hunting I am interested in feeders and i have one but i would like 2 more i can trade a niko scope for one or 2 depending on wich one you take I have not told a lot of poole and i am not trying to pull on any heart string but doo to all the heavy blasts gun shot to the vet being blown out of a humble kitting a tankmin and flipping over i damaged my heart some how the doc say it is from the concussions for the blast some doctor say my hear can go at any time thesis the reason i push so hard for this it is something my dad and i had plans to do when was teen ager at the time i was in the New YorK national guard I spent almost a year down there to the day i cant stand the smell garbage or rotting food i get sick to my stomach for a few days after that my dad mad plane aging got us to go on a trophy hunt but i ws once again called to active I spent over a year working with customs and border patrol Not very exciting for fun we would watch the fox hut pheasant I did manage to get a gear up there but it ws with my car and it bent the frame was still leaving my shack thet called port in to canada i seen 5 car s day and frames collecting maple sap for syrup it was if you never had real 100% maple surype spent the little extra money and but some its thinner but not as sweet but is god very good when i was a kid me an my friend when viityin my grand earned go look for there suer shacks there cooler we would take a little and well have pankaesth nextmring we didn't take much and i was 11 when grams found out he whoop may [censored] so bad with a stick could not sit for a week really i had welt so bad i never did it agin any how after custom troupes we were going on a hunt but i went active duty when the Iraq war was about to go to war the was to come home i mad Sargent for this and my award i received the the Valur device he when all out and paid for top hunt for hus but we got order to go right back to Iraw 5 moths to head back to ira just befor coming home i was garenteed to be hat hood for a year be for going my dad was excited to finely go with me on a hunt but on to fined out 2 weeks prior e had sumach people when he went to the ve a 4 times the said it was indigestion he broke down when to a hospital in buffalo NY were he wa diagnosed with ager organ related cancer it spread from is stomach liver lymph notes he did 2 week be for coming home but i was in not ship i had really messed up from an Ied with my memory back issues and every ting els he died 2 week when i got home from agent orange ant the Va deny his claims despirt he ws in an are were it was use He was snipper for 4 year and lost part of his eye sight wich diauilfied him from being a sniper he moved to CID Criminal Investigation Division now i want to cary that on to my kids we dont have one to pay for a hunt unless someone will take a trade for some Nikon scopes buck master 3-9x50 4-14x40 and xt 50mm bell tourist if there is any one at all willing to help me I can help them local catfish blues or channels supply very thing i dont have a lot of money I have 2 family i have to support on is here in u.s and on in Thailand my wife grand ma is get sick she was bitten by a tree viper again and is in the hospital they re just farmers so we pay there bills and pay for the kid to go to a better school we ar going to retired gif way won want to let us tag a long on a hunt that would great i can have my mother in law make us some real home made restaurant quality food for snack please anyone who who to help i really could use the help like is ad i dont know if i all be her next year or in 15 years but it will happen and i have to spend as much time with my body as i can i lost my dad at the age for 57yr old he passed away befor we could fulfill his dream hunt with me he was my best friend when i needed and beat my [censored] the ni deserved it. i can remember catching him crying after giving me a real [censored] hooping for messing up I want to give the give what i never got to do i would love if someone cold help me out even just take me to show me what I am going to look for an other land thanks you please cal me at 254 319 3188