Got a call yesterday just after lunch time with an invite to go try to fill some MLD doe tags and or shoot some pigs with Ben Capps at Three Fingers. I loaded up and made the two hour drive down. Got there about four pm and we shot a couple practice arrows and got ready to go to stand. I sat in a box blind outside the high fence area. Nothing happened while I could see but he had told me to take my bow light as the pigs would show up right after dark. Sure enough a group came in and I heard them crunching corn before I actually saw the dark forms under the feeder. My video camera wouldn't adjust to tape in the dark so I didn't get it on video. Made a good shot quartering on a nice sow. Carbon Express fixed blade head passed through her heart and she didn't go far but the blood trail was surprisingly sparse. However between Ben, his daughter and his girlfriend they were able to track it across the Bermuda grass pasture one speck of blood at a time and find her a hundred yards out.

After skinning and getting it in the deep freeze we fired up the grill, ate some meat and drank some Crown. Thanx Ben for a fun, quick hunt and a great evening as always.

If you want a fun hunt, shots on animals and some good people to share camp with give Ben a call.
I work hard, drink a little and hunt when I can.
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