I am looking to get on a deer lease with 4-5 of my buddies for 2016 season. We are experienced, management minded hunters with 80+ years of combined hunting experience. Looking for a year round deer, hog, turkey and varmit lease in west (preferred) or north Texas along the Red River (preferred). However, interested in anything available within the listed criteria-->. Interested in leasing 600-1300 acres, 2 1/2 to 3 Hours travel time from DFW. Lodging/campsite/electric/water preferred, but roughing it is not a problem. Would like a long term lease to improve and manage deer population. Accustomed to hard work and willing to work in efforts to improve the land and help land owner if ever needed. Goal oriented, career group of guys with stable jobs and incomes. Respect, integrity, management minded, honorable, well mannered and responsible are moral codes that we live by. Please PM me if you have something available.

Thank you,