Hey THF! We (a buddy and myself) are going to start organizing some predator calling competitions. It's a lot of fun shooting varmints and a little friendly competition makes it all the better! I just copied and pasted a post that we put on Facebook because I don't want to re write the whole post from my phone on an airplane haha! Any questions y'all have you can shoot me a message or post for everyone else to see. I hope some of y'all can join in on the fun!

We have a jackpot varmint calling competition this weekend. Anyone interested can find more information on our website: www.bigdogroundup.com

Short version:
2 man teams
$100 buy in
Winner takes all
Starts: 6:00 pm (do not have to come to check in and can start hunting at 6:00 pm if you preregister)
Weigh in: 1:00 am in Salado, TX

If you are too far away, we have a big tournament scheduled in April and we will probably have a few more jackpots between now and then.

Also, if you see where we could improve the format for the next jackpot, let us know.

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