Looking for a lease or place to night hunt hogs somewhat near houston. I'm 31, born and raised in Houston. I hunt at my dads place between uvalde and rock springs but it's about almost a 5 hour drive. I also eradicate hogs/varmints/predators for my dads neighbors and his friend, the land developer out there when I am able to make the drive. I would be happy to provide references. Ideally, I'd really like to find a property closer to houston that I can bait and night hunt hogs every few weeks when I've got time. dont be shy to send me an offer. Maybe a dove duck or goose lease that has pigs on it. I'd be happy to rebuild some duck blinds or help out on he land. And if there are any openings $$ come wing shooting season, sign me up!! Ihad permission to hunt 200 acres outside of Cleveland (about an hour from my place), but due to reasons outside my control, that option is no longer available.
My dad started taking me hunting and shooting since I was 4. I'm interested in all options at this point except expensive 1 night or 1 weekend guided hunts. I would love the opportunity to gain the trust of a landowner, but I know the Internet isn't the best place to gain someone's trust when it comes to this. I'm not interested in deer or turkey, just hogs and other nuisance animals that aren't wanted on the property, and maybe some birds during season. I can go to my dads for 4 legged game animals and other exotics.
5I2. 2-99~ B2I4 cell
Fast paced gregarious society forgets the healing power of solitude. It's worked thousands of years. Casting a line/gazing into a campfire/sitting in a blind after a long week is medicine for the soul. The serenity and peacefulness of it all is majestic.