These are 199 plus shipping, get mine for $150 cash in Austin

These are great for general flashlights with the white LED or for hunting with either a green or red LED unit.

With actual colored LED's, you get a massively better illumination than with a filter.

Want more colors? The visble color spectrum for nocturnal animals can vary and having the right color can make a difference, especially in pressured hunting areas. The Kill Light® XLR 250 Pro Gun Package utilizes our long range 200+ yard T3 aircraft aluminum bodied light for complete target acquisition. See the entire animal with eye shine detectable to distances out to 500 yards. This very popular light comes with our green LED installed and can be interchanged with the included red or white LED's. Simple threaded attachment in the bezel head allows for quick removal and installation. Kit includes: Kill Light® Rapid Scope Mount for easy light to scope attachment, barrel mount kit with removable AR style rail mount for picatinny style attachment, dual station smart charger with AC and 12 volt adapters, 2 pack of Kill Light® 18650 rechargeable 2600 mAh batteries (one required to operate light) and two coilded wire tailcap tactical switches - Pressure and ON/OFF. Also includes standard push button tailcap for hand held use. 45 day money back satisfaction guarantee including shipping charges. Lifetime warranty on the light body and LED.

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