By reading many threads posted, we two have joined the hunt for a new lease 😂. After nearly 10 great years on a wonderful high fenced lease, the land owner has shifted his course so as of the end of the first quarter of 2016, we will no longer be annual lease holders. We have no complaints as it has been a great ride for my family and me. My kids have grown up on the place with so many great memories gained that my kids will have for the rest of their lives, and for that I give God many thanks!

Wounds have been licked and its time to rejoin those looking for a lease after 10 great years (kind of like being married for many years and the wife tells you to go so you eventually have to rejoin the pool of singles looking for a new life😩).

Our wish -
Hunters - we have 3 to 4 hunters what are all family except one and he might as well be. Christian minded with no drama / baggage.

Type of Lease - annual lease in Central or South Texas. We have been behind a 1000 acre HF ranch but are good with H or L fence.

Access - we would like to have access to the lease year round to keep up the place, check and fill corn and protein feeders (each hunter has his own two feeders).

Camping / living needs - water and electrical is preferred but not an absolute (each hunter can provide his individual camper). A camp house for family guests would be great as well, as we spend our Thanksgiving  and Christmas holidays at the lease (obviously it would all be in the lease cost)

Cost - so our cost would be 5k per hunter (that's on the very high end), I know that's not much (by the sounds of the other threads) but two of the hunters are retired.

I have a primary emails listed below  that can be contacted if our wish list were to come true as I know it's going to be very hard to find a place (as evident in many others postings).

Couple extra notes below:

1. being somewhat near a town would be nice as driving down miles and miles on dirt road to get to and from just does not sound like fun.  

2. We have a "letter of recommendation" from our current/ soon to be past land owner.

For contact please repay to this post or email the following: