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#6149826 - 01/22/16 09:00 PM Benelli customer service...LONG READ
wlgorman Offline
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Registered: 09/27/07
Posts: 1348
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SO. About 7 years ago I bought a Franchi I-12 in Max-4.

A little background for those who dont know about them. Franchi is a Benelli brand, like stoeger, but better. It goes Benelli>Franchi>Stoeger. Franchi I-12 is an inertia driven semi-auto, 3" capacity.

I had zero problems with it until this year. This shotgun has been used HARD on many, many bird hunts, mostly waterfowl. Ive always cleaned it after every hunt. I mean completely disassembled everything (bolt disassembly, trigger group, you name it.) Its been wet, its been dirty, etc, etc. This year, on the same hunt, I had multiple failure to eject, and multiple light primer strikes. The weapon was real clean. I took it home, cleaned it again, next hunt, same story.

Called Benelli warranty dept. Its still under warranty, so I sent it in on Nov 18, 2016. Benelli got it, said it needed a new action spring and firing pin spring, covered under warranty. Never heard back. Called around mid-december. They said they already sent it back via UPS. Cool. I wait around about 2 weeks and no shotgun.

So I call, get the tracking number. Its been at a UPS branch in Ft. Worth for NINE DAYS. So I call UPS. They say its lost, they will file a claim, if its not found in 3 days they will "settle the claim." Alright. 3 days. No word. I call UPS, they say "the claim has been 'settled-positive", whatever that means. And ill have to call Benelli, as UPS cannot give me the information as im not the sender.

So I call Benelli, apparently, Charlene is the one I need to talk to. From what they say, she is THE ONLY person in the company that communicates with UPS claims department. Well, Charlene is out of the office, on bereavement leave. Ok, I can understand that.

Well, I call Benelli EVERY DAY, for 2 weeks, with the same story. They give me an extension x101. Every day, I call Benelli, every day I leave Charlene a message, then immediately call back to see if another rep can help me. No luck, same story, every day, for two weeks. I'm patient this whole time.

Finally, I call, they give me the same story, and I lose it. Well, now I get to talk to Joanie (who apparently shares an extension x101 with Charlene).

Joanie's story is, "Oh ive been working on your file for a week, no one knew your name until you called today. Here is what happened, somehow, UPS put your shotgun in a bulk shipment of another brand's shotguns that went to a sporting goods store in Louisiana. They called us and reported it, since it was still in our box with your shipping info on it. They're gonna send it to us, we will look it over, and send it to you."

I say "Great, youre gonna overnight it, right?" She says no, unless I want to pay for it. I raise hell, and she agrees to send it overnight. I ask, "PLEASE, call me when you get it, so I know whats going on, and so I can get a tracking number, since I would probably never have known it was lost if I didnt check it myself." She says "sure no problem."

Fast forward about 9 days, I get it in the mail. The eye on the stock where you attach a spring is broken off. So I call them and let them know. They tell me that there is nothing they can do. I raise hell, they say they can send me a new stock, but they dont have any in Max-4, and they wont be getting anymore. I say fine, send me any stock you have. The finish is worn and I will prob get it cerakoted or re dipped.

SO I guess all is well and good. UPS screwed up, but I feel like Benelli could have done a much better job. Their customer service is garbage. They never called me back when they couldnt get an answer and "needed to find out".

I will never buy another Benelli brand again.
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#6149865 - 01/22/16 09:19 PM Re: Benelli customer service...LONG READ [Re: wlgorman]
QuitShootinYoungBucks Online   content
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Registered: 11/01/12
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Loc: Lubbock, TX
That's pretty bad. However, I've never heard of a mfg covering a shotgun for that amount of time. Is that typical? What is Berettas warranty?

#6149890 - 01/22/16 09:33 PM Re: Benelli customer service...LONG READ [Re: wlgorman]
MacDaddy21 Offline
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Registered: 08/19/11
Posts: 2282
Loc: CO
Man, that sounds like a horrible experience. I had quite the opposite with my I-12 and Benelli CS. After about 9 years of ownership and 4000 shells through mine, the front sight fell out on a bird hunt. I called them up and even though my warranty was expired they overnighted me 2 sets of sights (2 fronts and 2 mid beads) because I told them I was going on a bird hunt that weekend. I've since put another 1500 rounds through it without a single hiccup. I definitely don't blame you for feeling the way you do though.

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#6149974 - 01/22/16 10:36 PM Re: Benelli customer service...LONG READ [Re: wlgorman]
DStroud Offline
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Registered: 11/02/11
Posts: 1734
Loc: Waco
The worst CS service I have ever experienced was from Benelli and I don't buy their products any longer.
I buy the other B products Beretta and Browning
"Anyone taking up handloading necessarily plays with unknown factors and takes chances. But so does anyone who drives a car,goes to a cocktail party,eats in a restaurant,or gets married."

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#6150109 - 01/23/16 07:38 AM Re: Benelli customer service...LONG READ [Re: wlgorman]
poisonivie Offline

Registered: 03/10/09
Posts: 7825
Loc: Bridgeport, Tx
Uh, you do know that Beretta owns Benelli???
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#6151732 - 01/24/16 09:52 AM Re: Benelli customer service...LONG READ [Re: poisonivie]
jetdad Offline
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Registered: 03/02/13
Posts: 1162
Loc: Grayson county
Originally Posted By: poisonivie
Uh, you do know that Beretta owns Benelli???

It's a systemic issue. Beretta produces some great products but widely know for poor customer service. I have experienced Beretta's service and it has to be the worst and that includes AT&T and all the cable companies.

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#6151875 - 01/24/16 11:37 AM Re: Benelli customer service...LONG READ [Re: wlgorman]
aggiehunter03 Online   content
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Registered: 11/13/09
Posts: 2796
Loc: Mineral Wells, Texas
Yep Beretta has horrible customer service. Had a sako that wouldn't shoot any better than 4" with any of about 10 different loads. They took months before they gave me a replacement. And then never would give a reason why. Buddy had the exact same rifle and we bought them a day apart. Same thing for him. The new ones shoot lights out. If Beretta's product lineup weren't so great I would never buy another.

#6156024 - 01/26/16 02:29 PM Re: Benelli customer service...LONG READ [Re: wlgorman]
wlgorman Offline
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Registered: 09/27/07
Posts: 1348
Loc: Boat
UPDATE (only b/c I want you guys to be informed):

As of this morning, I havent heard from Benelli on my stock. No shipping confirmation, no tracking number, nothing. Just like the first time, and the second time, my weapon was supposed to be on its way to me.

I call, go through the same BS. Turns out, they haven't shipped the stock yet. They will get it to me asap.

So I hang up. Later this morning, I'm talking to my mom and I mention this. Now, my mom has this thing for calling customer service departments when there is an issue and waiting on hold for as long as she has to to talk to the right person and 'giving them a piece of her mind.' She also has a pretty extensive background in the legal field. She calls (I didnt ask her to, she didnt tell me she was going to) and threatens a lawsuit somehow.

Within 3 minutes of her texting me "I called benelli for you, you need to call Joanie at x110." I get a call from Joanie at Benelli Cust Service.

Joanie says "I had no idea this was going on, the last time I looked at your account, the shotgun was on its way back to you and we resolved the issue."

So I explain to her, that I did receive the weapon. I never got a tracking number or shipping confirmation, although this is standard practice with ANY business, not to mention an item regulated and monitored by the ATF. Also, when I did receive this shotgun, the stock was BROKEN, my plano hardcase was broken, rendering it useless as a latch was broken and not functioning, and the foam in the case was ripped in half and torn up.

She said, oh yes I have your stock, we found one in Max-4 that was going to be destroyed, its sitting right here.

I say, really, Joanie? You just told me, not 30 sec ago that you had no idea this was going on.

She says, "Well you have to understand I talk to over 50 people a day with repair and shipping complaints, I cant monitor every one."

Ok, whatever. I mention that perhaps Benelli should file a claim with UPS, as they were the shipper (of the weapon on the way back to me) and shipped it with insurance.

She says that they plan to, since they are sending me a free stock (thats supposedly about to be destroyed), bc they will need compensation for the stock.

I say, well what about my hardcase?

She says "thats not our problem, you will have to take that up with UPS since its your property."

I say, #1 Both the shotgun and the case are my property, and YOU shipped it with insurance, UPS will not let me file a claim, and will not share information on a claim with me, as I am not the shipper.

She says, well we will try but I cant tell you that you will get anything for it.

I say fine, send me my stock, and please send me tracking # and shipping confirmation. We agree.

I add, before hanging up, a summary of my experience with benelli's warranty department over the last 67 days, how no one ever called me back when I called for weeks on end, I constantly got transferred to voicemail b/c the ONE person that could help me was "unavailable, out of the office, or on a break." and the lack of shipping info, tracking numbers, and the apparent lack of GENERAL INTRA-DEPARTMENT COMMUNICATION. and end with "I just want to let you know that due to this ordeal, I will never buy a Benelli product again, and will steer everyone I know away from them."

This is what she said, AND I QUOTE:

"Oh thats just great, thank you so much for telling me that, I hear that at least 10 times a day and it means nothing to me, we will send your stock today, have a nice day, bye."

and she hangs up.

#6156044 - 01/26/16 02:39 PM Re: Benelli customer service...LONG READ [Re: wlgorman]
jdk1985 Online   content
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Registered: 08/15/11
Posts: 12188
Loc: Waco, TX
Whole deal stinks... for you. Won't keep me from buying benelli, since the product speaks for itself 99.99% of the time (referring specifically to SBE II and I hope the 828U).

Concerning her hanging up, I'm on your side that it was pretty inconsiderate (etc). But, on the other hand, you of course realizes she does nothing but catch crap all day, and you did tell her you were basically done with them. Why bother stretching it out any further? You had made up your mind a long time ago.

"I just want to let you know that due to this ordeal, I will never buy a Benelli product again, and will steer everyone I know away from them."

#6156188 - 01/26/16 03:47 PM Re: Benelli customer service...LONG READ [Re: wlgorman]
scottfromdallas Online   content

Registered: 06/23/15
Posts: 819
Loc: TX
Terrible experience. I've only had to send one firearm in and that was a brand new Kimber that wouldn't hold a group. I called, sent it back. They replaced the barrel and sent it back to me with a test target 2 weeks later. I was upset I spent $1100 for a defective rifle but I appreciated how they took care f it.

#6157526 - 01/27/16 09:59 AM Re: Benelli customer service...LONG READ [Re: wlgorman]
shadams Offline

Registered: 12/23/14
Posts: 202
I find more and more that just about every business is run this way. Dont know how you could ever fix it unless you fire everybody after a certain amount of time and hire new blood, or pay people out the ears for a fairly unskilled job, then have to increase the cost of your product, which leads to less sales, and on and on....such is the world I guess...
"Facts, not ideology, determine reality."

#6158117 - 01/27/16 03:39 PM Re: Benelli customer service...LONG READ [Re: wlgorman]
Sneaky Offline
The "Grouch"

Registered: 10/22/12
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Loc: Winters
There's no excuse for it. Companies like Vortex and Elite have incredible warranties, that they honor above and beyond what they are expected to, and they have very competitive prices. It can be done. You just have to care.

#6159042 - 01/28/16 08:02 AM Re: Benelli customer service...LONG READ [Re: wlgorman]
wlgorman Offline
Pro Tracker

Registered: 09/27/07
Posts: 1348
Loc: Boat
Another update, Got the stock in. Packing slip says Max-4. But its APG.
I call Joanie. She says, well sorry, thats all we can do for you. Didnt you mention you were getting it refinished anyway?

I ask if there is any way I can get the right stock in. She says no, they are all being destroyed. Im done at this point.

#6159303 - 01/28/16 10:40 AM Re: Benelli customer service...LONG READ [Re: wlgorman]
jdk1985 Online   content
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Registered: 08/15/11
Posts: 12188
Loc: Waco, TX
pretty crappy

#6159580 - 01/28/16 01:57 PM Re: Benelli customer service...LONG READ [Re: wlgorman]
Preacher Ed Offline

Registered: 12/29/10
Posts: 171
Wow-that's beyond poor customer service in my opinion.

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