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#6130290 - 01/11/16 10:44 AM When "nature's call" hits you at just the wrong time (long hunt story)
TxAg Online   content
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Guys, I figured with the season winding down I'd share a funny story.

If you've hunted long no doubt you've experienced "the call" while settled in the stand. Here's a story from when it hit me earlier this season. But, things still worked out as you'll see below.

Saturday, November 23rd started out frosty and cold. The temp was right around 27. My hunting buddy and I were excited as we got up and discovered a ranch coated in frost. Made my way up to my favorite stand, laid down a good corn trail in the "kill box" and up on a nice nearby bench with the buggy. I was settled early, and enjoyed the cold stillness. A few coyotes provided a pre-dawn serenade, and things could not get much better.

At literal first light, I observed a deer about 40 yards to my East chomping on some corn. I slowly maneuvered the rifle and took a look. He appeared to be a 7-pt buck, but he sure looked like he was still in velvet! (Hypo Gonadism buck). I looked him over for a long time, and even went safety-off, but the light was so low that I could not be 100% sure he was indeed a Hypo-G. He soon moved off to the East, and that was that. Soon after I felt a faint disruption down in the bowels, but tried to suppress it

The sun eventually made its way up, revealing a spectacular silver landscape. Everything was covered in frosty brilliance. I did not have to wait long before a doe came out from the NE and she had a trailer. A mature 8-pt buck was following her. I looked him over for a while. He was nothing special antler wise, just a typical 8. But, he was very mature with a thick body and a roman nose. As it was my last trip where I’d be able to take bucks I decided to take him if given the opportunity. One problem: my “faint disruption” was now a full-on “gotta go.” The urging was cranking along pretty good. I was doing my best R. Lee Ermey impression, telling myself to stow that stuff and suck it up Buttercup. I was losing that fight.

Meanwhile, the doe and buck weaved their way through the brush and eventually made their way into the kill box corn. Old Mr. Buck was pretty savvy, and set up near the brush line, facing me head on. I had at first thought he was a different mature buck I'd watched Opening Weekend, but soon realized he was different based on his brows. I did not have a good shot angle so I just watched them and took a couple pics.

About this time, another young buck and doe came barreling in from the East and ran all over the valley at high speed. That was fun to watch. She was having none of it, but he was giving it all he had. I continued to argue with Mr. Poo, but things were getting serious. I could not believe this was happening. Here I was, staring at a mature buck and all I could think about was taking a crap! Not to mention, I had a whole lot of layers on due to the cold. It would not be a quick dress-down. Finally, after 20 mins or so, I must have been getting exasperated and puffed out some steam from my breath. The doe picked up on it, and decided something wasn’t right. They trotted off to the North, and I said a very relieved Kramer-esque “Thank. You!” I then bailed out of the blind, fire-manned the ladder, took off the 5 layers of clothes, and took care of the business that was the angry Mr. Poo.

Much relieved, I climbed back in the stand. I was half-convinced that I would not see a damn thing moving forward, but the wind was in my favor. About 20 mins later a beautiful young 8-pt came walking down the bench. He was lit up in the morning sun, with all the white markings on his face practically glowing white. Although he was young, he was already sporting a nice dark rack. I enjoyed taking a few pictures of him as he slowly worked my way. But, he eventually got to within ~40 yards of the jalepeno popper tamale bomb and said “Awww hell no!” He practically turned inside out as he headed West at high speed. Oh well, that was cool.

I resumed just enjoying the morning when wayyyy out to the NE I see a doe pop through a small pocket in the brush. I get the glass up on her, expecting a trailer. Soon enough, a mature buck fills that gap. I could not tell much about him, except that it was a different buck from earlier that morning and that he was good. But, just as quickly they were gone. It took probably another 20 mins before she again emerged from the brush, this time to the NW. She popped out down the creek draw about 180 yards out. It took a while, but soon he did too. I was already in the rifle. Like many truly-mature bucks I’ve watched over the years, he had a totally different demeanor with the does. There was no running and chasing. He just strolled along slowly. He knew he was a stud. He knew there was no other buck out there that could challenge him for breeding rights. And, he was smart. He moved out a little, but then stopped in a white brush patch about 160 yds out and stood there for several minutes, just looking around. Practically his whole body was concealed. I needed him to take two more steps.

After a long couple minutes, the doe was getting a ways out and he had to move. He took a couple steps and gave me a small window on the vitals triangle. I took the shot and he was hit hard. To my surprise they both ran slowly up the bench, closer to me. He was moving slow, but when he paused I hammered him again. He stepped behind some brush and did not come back out. I saw the doe run off but he never emerged. I took some time to pack up my gear, walk up the hill to the buggy, then cruised over. As soon as I walked up the bench I saw him lying there, just behind some brush, with a very funny hoof-over-face pose.

Both bullets had found their mark. I said a prayer of thanks, filled out the tag, and took a few minutes to admire him. I texted my buddy to let him know "buck down". He offered to come help me load. I told him to take his time. With the cold morning we needn’t hurry. I did at one point make a half-hearted attempt to load him myself, but his weight soon convinced me that I would indeed wait for Dave. As he walked up his excitement was contagious and we shared some smiles and hi-fives. Loaded him up, and headed for the house.

Final Measurements:
Age: ~7.5 yo
Live Weight: 173.8 lb
Dressed Weight: 131.6 lb
Inside Spread: 16 3/4”
Bases: 3 ¾”
Beams: 19 ½”

He's easily the biggest-bodied Hill Co deer I've taken. And, it's a hunt I'll definitely never forget!

Here's how the Euro turned out:

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#6130313 - 01/11/16 11:01 AM Re: When "nature's call" hits you at just the wrong time (long hunt story) [Re: TxAg]
Hunter-Boss Offline
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Registered: 06/26/10
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Loc: N. Richland Hills, TX
Great story. Awesome buck and great mount.
"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in coveralls and looks like work".-Thomas Edison

#6130325 - 01/11/16 11:07 AM Re: When "nature's call" hits you at just the wrong time (long hunt story) [Re: TxAg]
DirtNapTET Offline

Registered: 11/08/13
Posts: 613
Loc: America
Heck of a story, and great buck!

#6130354 - 01/11/16 11:23 AM Re: When "nature's call" hits you at just the wrong time (long hunt story) [Re: TxAg]
Classic Rocks Offline
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Registered: 09/18/12
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I was Hunting youth weekend with one of my best friends 2 boys (he was in another stand with the other boy) and the urge hit me. Most likely due to the fajitas and whiskey the night before. I told him to sit tight while I went to camp. I took the rifle and leaned it outside of the blind so he didn't have direct unsupervised access to it and reminded him to stay put and don't touch anything.
As I'm walking back to the blind after seeing the man about a horse, I see him outside the blind. I was irritated until he said, "uncle Michael, a big deer with giant horns and spots just ran away!"
Then I was extremely irritated at missing the chance on a big axis!

#6130369 - 01/11/16 11:30 AM Re: When "nature's call" hits you at just the wrong time (long hunt story) [Re: TxAg]
Cast Offline
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Nice story. Great buck.

I have a short attention spa

#6130736 - 01/11/16 02:55 PM Re: When "nature's call" hits you at just the wrong time (long hunt story) [Re: TxAg]
stxranchman Offline
Obie Juan Kenobi

Registered: 08/04/10
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cheers Great story line and buck. up

#6131023 - 01/11/16 05:27 PM Re: When "nature's call" hits you at just the wrong time (long hunt story) [Re: TxAg]
allterrain Offline
Bird Dog

Registered: 11/21/14
Posts: 343
Loc: Arlington Tx
A well written post and nice deer. Moral to the story is always have a paint can or empty coffee can to take care of those unintended and unwanted emergencies.
Deer Season is short, Hunt Hard My Friends!!

#6131056 - 01/11/16 05:42 PM Re: When "nature's call" hits you at just the wrong time (long hunt story) [Re: allterrain]
dawaba Offline
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Registered: 10/22/06
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Loc: Big Eddy Road, Noonday
Nice Hill Country buck! Well done with both the hunt and the narrative.
"For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple.....and wrong." H. L. Mencken

#6131199 - 01/11/16 06:52 PM Re: When "nature's call" hits you at just the wrong time (long hunt story) [Re: TxAg]
NMGW Offline
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Great story made me laugh and that ain't easy anymore.
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#6131205 - 01/11/16 06:54 PM Re: When "nature's call" hits you at just the wrong time (long hunt story) [Re: TxAg]
kmon1 Online   content

Registered: 09/27/06
Posts: 22912
Loc: Texas
Good write up of the hunt. That buck looks like his last thoughts were get this smell out of my nose
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#6131353 - 01/11/16 08:14 PM Re: When "nature's call" hits you at just the wrong time (long hunt story) [Re: Hunter-Boss]
SnakeWrangler Offline
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Originally Posted By: Hunter-Boss
Great story. Awesome buck and great mount.
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#6131506 - 01/11/16 09:17 PM Re: When "nature's call" hits you at just the wrong time (long hunt story) [Re: DirtNapTET]
Nogalus Prairie Online   content
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Originally Posted By: DirtNapTET
Heck of a story, and great buck!
Originally Posted By: Russ79
I learned long ago you can't reason someone out of something they don't reason themselves into.

#6131529 - 01/11/16 09:27 PM Re: When "nature's call" hits you at just the wrong time (long hunt story) [Re: stxranchman]
SniperRAB Offline
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Originally Posted By: stxranchman
cheers Great story line and buck. up


#6131555 - 01/11/16 09:46 PM Re: When "nature's call" hits you at just the wrong time (long hunt story) [Re: TxAg]
TAT Offline
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Registered: 12/06/09
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Loc: good ole texas
That's some funny stuff. Great buck too.

Reminds me of a time my cousin hunted my stand and had the URGE hit him. In that stand the door would stick and you had to look at it the right way to open the door. Well he said he pushed and pushed on the door,then said screw it. He put his shoulder into it. Well it worked. Getting the door open that is. I remember going and picking him up. Lmao. He opened the door to the truck and I said what the heck is that smell. Apperantly the last hit opened everything. He crapped down both legs. Lmao. Had to ride in the back of the truck back to camp. Nasty but funny.
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#6131634 - 01/11/16 10:50 PM Re: When "nature's call" hits you at just the wrong time (long hunt story) [Re: TxAg]
Preacher Ed Offline

Registered: 12/29/10
Posts: 171
Enjoyed the story! Thanks for taking the time to share it in word and picture. I have a buddy who has a 5 gallon bucket in his stand and has garbage bags he lines it with so when he has the urge he is all set! It's a good idea if a man's stand is large enough. Thanks again.

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