... (by-and-large, of course). Begin with Taylor Bayou and vicinity. Also JD Murphree Big Hill unit. Texas Point NWR. McFaddin NWR, spaced blind area; Clam Lake relatively slow as well. Sea Rim is good in spots, but mostly slow, as is the old Pintail Flats area of JD Murphree.

We hunted one of the back ponds in the McFaddin spaced blind area this past Sat, and finally took a few scaup, along with a gadwall. We had 1 group of sprig, 1 group of widgeon, and 1 fairly large group of gadwall, each take long multiple pass looks, but none would get closer than 75-80 yrds. Our boat was hid, we were hid, had face masks on, did not use any mojo or lucky ducks, etc, but had plenty of ripple with the wind, and so plenty of movement in the spread. Just a tough hunt, altogether.

All boats coming out of McFaddin on Sat, (at least when we came out), were met by Federal GWs. We waited in line ~20 mins-or-so for them to get to us, then ~20 more mins while they checked everything. My grandson had his fed duck stamp stuck to his hunting license in the appropriate spot, and his hunt lic signed, but his stamp wasn't signed across the face of it. After the GW asked 2 or 3 times if my GS knew it needed to be signed, I said I had a pen in my truck, so he could sign it right now, which he did, which satisfied the GW. Nice guy; and my 17 yr old GS learned a good lesson without getting ticketed.

Anyway ... this is my 2015-2016 Migratory Bird Hunting post, for SE Texas. Here's to an enjoyable remainder of this season.