Good day Everyone,

I have 20 Sable Antelope Bulls that needs to bu culled early 2016. $2000.00 off the normal price on both categories.

Prices are:

$5,900.00 for 35"-40"
$7,660.00 for 40" plus

The hunts would take place in the Eastern Cape of South Africa and hunters would be required to fly into Port Elizabeth for pick up and drop off. Book your hunt now to avoid disappointment.

Prices includes 1 x Sable trophy, and 2 hunting days and 3 nights all inclusive.

More animals and days can be added at rate card prices less 15% if booked before our shows end on 31 January 2016.

Observers are welcome at $165.00 per day per person.

Contact me on today!
Loodt Büchner
International Relations Manager | Director

T: 042 235 1450 | F: 086 710 8280 | M: 084 475 0007 | E: